Wear Clothes You Love: Tips And Tricks to the Wardrobe of Your Dreams


Wear Clothes You Love: Tips And Tricks to the Wardrobe of Your Dreams

Are you the sort of person who wakes up and hates everything in your wardrobe or are you just having trouble finding things to wear? Either way taking your closet from secretary to hot young thing that just slid on whatever is on the floor is surprisingly simple. A well planned closet, full of rewearable, diverse clothes that you actually want to wear will help you create a curated wardrobe that is young, but not stuck in forever 21.

How Useful is Your Closet

The size of your closet, and your ability to organize it directly affect the size of your wardrobe. If you have a walk-in closet, but can’t be bothered to hang up anything, you better have drawers and tables or convert your walk-in closet into something even better (like a chocolate only baking studio). A small closet can work for a dream wardrobe, and can even be expanded to look bigger with mirrors or more relaxing with plants or blinds. If you have a large amount of space, use it to display your showy items and organize better (instead of a ring drawer, a ring hand might be appropriate with a lot of space).

How useful is your closet to you? Can you find your shoes, do you have an accessories organizer? This is what you should ask yourself. The biggest benefit of a big closet is room to store more shoes, you don’t have to pack away seasonal outfits, and things are more easily displayed.

How Often Can You Repeat Wearing the Same Thing

Are you someone who wears the same pair of jeans at least 3 times a week, or do you wear your clothes once a month, if they’re lucky to slip on your body that often? If you wear the same pair of jeans every day, you don’t need that much of a wardrobe, but if you’re a once a month gal, you’re probably going to need at least 31+ skirts, rompers, dresses, pants, or shorts.

If you only wear 5-20 pairs of pants on a regular rotating basis, you can spend a little bit more on your clothes. They need to be higher quality to stand-up to the regular wear, but if you have a thousand and one dresses, they can be lower quality, because you’re buying more and not wearing them as often. For example, if you love wearing a wool fedora hat everyday from the first crispy leaf that hits the sidewalk in October, to the last flurry in February, your 50 dollar hat would only be 3 dollars a wear if you only wore it that one season. To get that same cost-per-wear, wearing it only once a month, you’d have to wear that hat year-round for twelve years! So if you’re not a consistant hat wearer, an economically priced hat might be right for you, or only buy things you love and wear again and again.

Fabric and Lining Matter

Fabric and lining really do matter. A bit of cling wrap jersey nothing will not have the same effect as a lined pencil skirt. Fabric and lining choices really matter. If you’re a human being with a human body, stop picking up unlined clothing. It will fit like straight garbage, or you’ll have to pair it with your own foundational garments every time you wear it (spanx, tights, slips, etc…) and no one has time for that. Lined pants, skirts, dresses, and jackets are a godsend to anyone with a human form that they want to look smooth under clothing. Even the twiggiest things has a rough gnarled hipbone that they’d like to look smooth under clothing.

Fabric is also super important. It’s not about the most expensive fabric and even rayon has it’s place. It’s about what you want that garment to do for you, for example, a linen suit is breathable and beautiful, but wrinkles easily if you sit down. Silk, wool, and cashmere are of course the go-to fabric greats. These fabrics breath, last, and move with you, but a polyester blend can be just as good, and last longer. Cotton is okay, it’s the most common fabric in the world, uses a lot of insecticide, and degrades quickly. Cotton is good in denim, but mediocre as a fabric. Sit around in the changing room, text your friend, squat in your outfit, see how it moves with you. Fabric is really important, but what that fabric does for you is even more important. Is it soft, going to last, comfortable, breathable, and firm in shape? If so, get it in your size.

But Not as Much as Fit-FIND A TAILOR

Let’s be real about fit, shapewear, and what you can pull off.  Fit is crazy important to pay attention to, even the most bountiful hour-glass woman has something that she doesn’t like the fit of and some designs are just bad. It’s just clothes, find things that work for you, or make very good friends with a tailor.

Easy to wear basics aren’t always easy to put on, pencil skirts can gap at the waist, blazers can be too tight for bountiful bosoms, and even the most basic garment can seem like a bad fit. It’s all in the fit. I could not recommend a tailor more. It will change your life and your wardrobe. It should be under ten bucks to take up a pair of pants, and a little bit more than that to take in the waist or hips or bust or shoulders. Find clothing that fits your broadest part and have it taken in the fit your body.

Is it Useful? Will You Love Wearing It?

Do you hate all of your clothes exempt your galaxy leggings, but can’t wear those to the office? Well buy some stuff that you like that suits your life. There is a lot of cute shit on the internet. While you probably shouldn’t go ham emptying out your credit card, some well chosen pieces   can really advance your wardrobe. Like, if you like your leggings because they are comfortable and silky when you rub your legs together, try a silk ‘pajama’ pant with a crisp button up or a blazer and a pair of matching heels. Find what you like about certain clothes and replicate that with other clothes.

Try to own a few basics to work around and add statement pieces to. A good pair of jeans, a nice button up, a blazer, a pencil skirt, and a pair of pumps made for walking will give you a good start. From there you can add colorful scarves, high-waisted dress pants that give you million mile legs, or that wool floppy fedora hat you can’t leave the house without.

What Really Helps

Love what you wear. Don’t buy anything because it fits you or because you can make it work. The things that you buy are the second flesh you’re putting over your own, make it a nice covering. Only buy things that really speak to you, and if that means buying less clothes, buy less clothes. And if you feel comfortable in furry onesies all day, wear a furry onesie (maybe underneath a long sleeve jumpsuit). There are a million and one options to chose from, these are just clothes, make them work for you.

Remember the next time you go shopping to check the fabric and quality of items, take it to a tailor, and only buy it if it really speaks to you. There are a million places and a million versions of the same basic thing. If worse really comes to worse, just get your clothes custom made, it’s not as expensive as you think.

Guest Post by Mary Grace 



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