The Role of Webcam in Online Industry


The invention of internet has opened new ways to do business and the business of pornography or prostitution is no exception. With the development of mobile devices and easy access to internet, you can easily access to pornography and live sexy show anytime and anywhere. There are no laws made to regulate this form of sex, unlike prostitution or pornography.

What is Webcam and how it was Invented

A webcam is a device which allows you to record or send live video to others with the help of computer and internet. These days’ people commonly use this device to communicate with each other from long distance. Now you can easily speak and talk with your loved ones through mobile devices from anywhere around the world.

However, this device was not originally designed by its inventors for the purpose of live communication. In 1991, Dr. Quentin and Paul Jardetzky invent the world’s first webcam to prevent trips to an empty coffee pot and help them in late night studies while keeping an eye on coffee levels.

Webcam and Live Sex

The advancement of the internet and mobile devices had made web-camming very easy. All you need is a device with webcam, fast internet connection and a web hosting site to enter in this market. Web-camming comes with many benefits like flexible working hours, safe environment and healthy income. The majority of webcam performers are women but male and transgender performers are also available.

There are many websites which operates in public chat rooms, where payment and tips are voluntary for performing live sexual and non-sexual acts. With web-camming not only the performer earns well but also it costs less for the viewer.

Performers are to perform specific sexual acts in private chatrooms and paid by the minute by the customer. Performances tend to be more pornographic in private chat rooms compared with public chat rooms and more costly.

Performers are highly interactive in both private and public chat rooms. The clients and performers use speech, keyboard and two way webcams to communicate with each other.

These webcam performers are most likely entrepreneurial and keep a continuous relation with their clients through many social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and Tumbler etc. Through webcam, women are able to make a healthy profit from the porn industry which has traditionally been dominated by men.

Web-camming has also provided women with the opportunity of working from their home which is not only profitable but safe too. It also helps them access to global market and give them the chance to raise themselves out of poverty.

Webcam porn industry is been dominated mostly by young amateur female performers that present challenge for radical mature performers. This industry is generating a sizeable profit for corporates which provide hosting sites, chat rooms and existing customers.

A study indicates that the profits for webcam hosting had reached around $3 billion in the year of 2016 and it is estimated to reach around $10 billion by the year 2020.


The industry of web-camming is providing healthy entertainment for customers while providing safe and profitable work for online performers. This industry has eluded and confounded anti-sex work organizations and lawmakers so far. But for now, this industry had provided means for women to perform legal form of sex work, which they have the authority to define.

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