Lovely & Lonely: The Ugly Truth about Dating in LA LA Land



Is single living hard all around? Or, does your city specifically dictate your dating difficulties?

I think every city has its own dating “culture. I can tell you, in Los Angeles, you’re constantly surrounded by beautiful cars, houses, people and celebrities. Heck, even the fire hydrants in parts of the city have a certain “je ne sais quoi!” Transplants move from near and far to live in the City of Angels in search of something greater, but if you’re looking for love, is it really worth it?

While walking around LA, you might think the majority have it all: the looks, the nice car and the success. Well, think again! Dating in LA is even more of a challenge, since your competition is probably wealthier and has spent a few thousand dollars to be more gorgeous than you. And that car you’re eyeing? It’s probably a rental.

When you meet a potential love interest here, you better shine or get back in line!

To be fair, the entire city isn’t made up of just millionaires who are in a relationship. There are still single men and women in this city who are seeking a genuine relationship with someone they can hold more than a three-minute conversation with. But, remember, while seeking out your match, ensure you are being true to yourself, first. Carry yourself with confidence, be transparent and be outgoing with the unique attributes that make you a catch.

In this city, you have one chance to stand out, and that’s on your first date. If you don’t hear back from your date after that, then it’s simple, straight up and direct – You’re done. You’ve been traded in. With upwards of ten million people living in LA, no time is wasted in this dating world.

Now that you know what to look(out) for, you’re probably wondering where to find your next hottie in LA. There are endless opportunities to meet someone single, but it all comes down to you: are you approachable? Are you friendly? Is your gaze always locked on a phone screen? Look up when you walk and when in your car. Who knows, you could be stuck in (lovely) LA traffic, and the hot driver next to you might be checking out your karaoke rendition of Adele’s newest hit!

But, if traffic-flirting isn’t your thing, here are some other options to meet that special someone:

  • Happy Hour
  • People Parks / Dog Parks
  • Beaches
  • Community Events / Volunteering
  • Coffee Shops
  • Singles Events / Meetup Groups
  • Yoga Class / Group Workout
  • Friend’s BBQs / Parties

At the end of the day, it all comes down to creating awareness around you and putting out the positive energy that you are open to meeting new people and engaging in a meaningful new interaction.


Guest Post by Sandy Dapoz

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