I am Responsible for ME


I wake up in the morning and look out my window.

I wash my face and afterward look in the mirror.


I am responsible for what I see.

I am responsible for how I live.


What does responsibility look like?


What does love look like?


I want to give myself time. To care for myself for at least forty-two minutes a day. Taking a walk here or stretching out on the floor there. To ask myself every hour what do I want, what do I need, how can I help myself.

I want to give myself time. In the morning before I get out of bed I want to think of all that I want my world to look like for the day. I want to create images that make me smile. That make me grateful.

I want to give myself time. To sit for ten minutes with my eyes closed so I can listen to my breath. So I can see the world from the inside out. So I can wear what’s on the inside on the outside.

I want to give myself time so I can give more time to others. The more I take care of myself the more I can be present with my family, friends, and lover. The more I’m healthy, the better my relationships are. The more time I give to myself the more time I have.

I am responsible for me.

That’s what I want. I want us all to take the time right now. To stop. To close our eyes. To breathe. To smile. To continue. To continue in our days of making our lives better not only for ourselves but also for our loved ones. To take the time, because nobody else can do it for us. Because we are responsible for what we see.

Nobody else knows us like we do. Nobody can nurture us like we can. Nobody else can give us the satisfaction of life like we can. Because we are responsible for what we see.

I am responsible for what I see.

Cynthia Kane
Cynthia has her B.A. from Bard College and her M.F.A. from Sarah Lawrence College. She has written for national and international publications, and has traveled all over the world. What she's learned about life so far is that it's who and what we are, which means we have to learn to care for it.

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