High Infidelity?


I Am Done Biting My Tongue. Some Of You May Think That Is Funny As I Am Not Known To Be Passive In Most Conversations. These Two Topics Drive Me Nuts.

Infidelity And Facebook.

Infidelity And Alcohol.

Okay People, If You Are An Adult And “Not Allowed” On Facebook Because Your Spouse Thinks It’s A Landmine For Cheating, Cut The Shit.

If You Are Forbidden To Drink Because Your Spouse Is Worried It Will Make You Stray, Grow The Fuck Up.

I Am Fully Aware That Trips Down Memory Lane May Bring A Bit Of Nostalgia- ‘The Good Old Days.’ BUT, In The End, Your Reality Should Be Just That. The Path You Chose. The Family You Created. The Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire.

Every Relationship Has Strife Now And Then But It’s What Makes That Love Grow Deeper And Stronger. If It Doesn’t, Then Maybe It’s Time To Reevaluate Your Situation.


It’s A Website That People Use To Connect With One Another, Yes. But If Your Man Wants To Connect His Junk To Someone Else, That Is A Kink In Your Relationship (Or Lack Thereof).

I Have Many Couples That Are Both On Facebook. They Are In Healthy, Vibrant Partnerships. They Are Proud Of One Another’s Accomplishments. They Brag To Their Friends About Being “The Luckiest Man Alive.”

If Alcohol Seems To Be A Problem With Giving Your Lover Googly Eyes For Other People, There Are 2 Options;

1.) He/She Is Unhappy And Will End Up Cheating With A Turd If It Somehow Fulfills Their Yearning For Something More.

2.) This Person Is Most Likely An Imbecile Or An Alcoholic. Either Way Alcohol Will Be The Excuse For Everything, Just To Avoid Reality. So, Move On My Dear. Or Call Dr. Drew.

 Bottom Line: If Someone Wants To Cheat, They Will Find A Way. Please Be Brave Enough To Look Inward And Realize The Problem Is Much Deeper Than A Website Or Booze.

Treating One Another As If You Are Parents Setting Up Boundaries Is Just Plain Creepy.

Anyssa McAleer 


Anyssa McAleer
Dirty And Damn Near 40 Is More Like It For Me. Although I Have No Experience in Psychology Other Than Monthly Visits, My Dream Is To One Day Have An Advice Column.

In The Meantime Blogging Will Just Have To Do.

My Hope Is For Readers To Leave Feeling Something. Even If That Is Disgust.

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  1. Rebecca says:

    I wanted to read this SO badly but the fact that you capitalized EVERY word made my head hurt! Come on, I know it’s a casual blog post but let’s not throw all grammar rules out the window.

  2. Anyssa says:

    My Apologies. It Does Bother A Lot Of People, But It’s How I Write. I Hope You Manage To Get Through It. I’ll Send You Some Aspirin.

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