Guys, Stop Being Angry, Bitter Betty’s


Guys, Stop Being Angry, Bitter Betty’s

Hey, guys. Do me a big favor.

Stop acting like chicks, please.

It messes with my mind and brain and body and psyche and I can’t. I really just can’t.

I’m talking about you being the Bitter Betty’s. The whiners. The defensive ones. The complainers. The angry ones.

It’s not manly. It’s not cute. It’s not a turn-on and it’s weird.

It’s really, really weird.

It used to be that the women were the bitter ones. The older women got, the more it sucked to be single and the more bitter they got about being alone. And these women would become the dreaded cliché and hide out at home, with their three cats, watching Lifetime movies and drowning their sorrows in ice cream and wine.

Not these days!

The single women I know are embracing their singledom. They’re going out and meeting people. They’re doing whatever they want. There are more women in the workforce than ever before, and women are waiting longer and longer to get married. If they ever get married at all.

I feel like women used to be the bitter, defensive, angry-about-dating-and-relationships-and-being-single-and-having-sex, sex.

And now, it’s the men.

I say this from observation and experience.

Men, these days, seem negative about dating and relationships from the get-go. On the dating apps I frequent, I see a lot of men putting up phrases on their profiles such as:

“If you’re not a nature lover, we won’t be a good match.”

“Swipe left if you have conservative/liberal views/you voted for x,y, or z.”

“I don’t DO theatre/the ballet/yoga/chicks with brown hair, so if you do, or if you are, don’t waste your time and swipe left.”

On their PROFILES. Where, on some, there is a maximum number of characters (not words, characters, mind you) and it’s like, 300. Why waste your time saying who you’re not, when you could be promoting yourself, instead? Why waste characters explaining what type of girl you don’t want instead of explaining what type you do?

No one likes a negative profile. No one likes a Negative Nancy.

Guys these days can be defensive.

My theory is, is that plenty of guys have gotten their hearts broken over the years, and society told them to keep that to themselves, to not be emotional and to deal with it in other ways. Or not to deal with it at all.

These days, society is telling these guys to be emotional, feel your feelings, let it all out, be sensitive…
And these guys are not quite sure how to.

And they get defensive.

I went on a date with a guy who wanted to know all about my past relationships. How many long-term ones I had had, how many short-term ones, how much dating I did, etc., etc….

I answered most of his questions. I felt like they were appropriate.

But, the minute I asked him about his own past, a simple question regarding when his last long-term relationship had ended, he refused to answer and all but scolded me about privacy and personal questions.


Did I miss something here? So, I, as the woman, am expected to answer any and every question, but, I guess, you, as the guy….well, the same rules don’t apply to you.

A lot of men these days are angry towards women. In general. And that’s not good. Or fair.

I was out with a date a few months ago at a bar. We were having a discussion/debate about dating and exclusivity versus non-exclusivity, and my view on the subject would probably not be classified as the “typical” female view.

Nevertheless, at that moment, a single guy in his late thirties sitting alone at the bar next to me, rudely interrupted our conversation, told us he couldn’t help but overhearing it, and proceeded to berate me and condescend me, while telling me my view was “wrong.”

He then proceeded to call me a b****, a c***, and a narcissist.


Okay…KEWL. Stranger.

This man was obviously very, very angry.

At women. And I was his scapegoat that night. Big time.

Now, you could say that this was just a one-off. One occurrence that certainly does not prove that men are angry and bitter towards women.

But take that Bumble crazy man as another example.

Remember him? The guy who was chatting with the girl who asked him what he did for a living and he went OFF on her on that crazy, angry, misogynistic rant? It went viral and Bumble blocked him.

But not before homeboy had the chance to call the girl a whore, a golddigger, shameless, reckless, unintelligent, entitled, and a “feminist cancer on society.”

All because she simply asked him what he did for work.


Okay…KEWL. Stranger.

Guys, why are you so angry??

Who hurt you??

What could anyone have possibly done to you to make you lash out like this against literal women strangers?

Go work out.

Go punch a punching bag.

Go get some counseling.

But, whatever you need to do instead, please make sure you just calm the fuck down.

This anger and bitterness toward women is unnecessary.

It’s unwarranted.

It’s incredibly dramatic and over-the-top.

And it’s downright scary.

So men, please stop being bitter and angry towards women as a whole if women as a whole do not deserve it.

It’s not cute. We’re over it.

Please chill out.

No one likes a Bitter Betty.

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Katy Franklin
Born in Washington, D.C., Katy has lived in Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, New York City, and Los Angeles. She has had experience working in talent management and casting for theater, musical theater, reality television and ABC Primetime Casting in both New York and Los Angeles. She has been writing for social, dating and travel blogs and websites for about 10 years now, and is thrilled to say she can call writing her full-time job. She loves macaroni and cheese, traveling and tequila, not necessarily in that order. She currently lives in Chicago.
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