How to Get Rid of Sudden Breakouts

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Has it ever happened to you that you are perfectly ready for an upcoming event, got your dream dress and right one day before the big day appears a gigantic zit on your cheek? You feel helpless, your confidence shatters and you feel less excited about things. These sudden breakouts are not completely a surprise as we see them. There is always hidden reason behind its un-welcomed appearance.

To solve a problem, you first need to know the cause of it and so, there are many factors that prepare your skin to pop pimples at the most unexpected times. Therefore, keeping a check of those factors can actually help you get rid of these sudden breakouts forever.

Here is a checklist you need to make sure you are not preparing yourself for another zit anytime soon:


  1. Not Letting Dirt Settle in with Makeup:

There are times when you come home all tired and you have your makeup on but you feel too lazy to wash it off immediately. The point to notice here is that the longer you leave the makeup on your skin after coming home, the more the dirt it absorbed is going to settle in the pores and invite more zits. Therefore, wash your face and cleanse it properly once you are home without delay.


  1. Avoid Greasy Food and Sugar:

Oily fast food is a major cause of inflammation in the body which leads to breakouts. Instead, prefer salads and yogurt over such food. Moreover, taking sugary sodas and candy bars give your blood sugar levels a spike which lead to breakouts.


  1. Change Your Pillow Covers Regularly:

It is very important to keep your pillow covers clean because your facial skin rubs a lot to the pillowcase while you are asleep and if it has dirt on it, it automatically shifts to your pores. Therefore, make sure you change the covers after every 3 to 4 days or wash them.


  1. Increase Water Intake:

Water helps to flush out all the toxins inside the system of the body and keeps it clean. If the system is clean and healthy, it surely reflects on the skin of your face as well. Therefore, a proper water intake is inevitable if you want your skin to stay naturally hydrated and clear. You can add chia seeds in the water as well which help prevent acne as well.


  1. Keep Your Hands Off the Face:

Whenever you get a zit or a blackhead, there is this ultimate urge to scrape it away to make it disappear like anything. But the fact is quite the opposite. It is like leaving more scars and inviting more pimples. Let the process be done by itself. It will eventually benefit you and your skin big time.


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This post was written by Beth Martel. She is a mother of two, a medical professional and a humanitarian. She blogs at Check out the three face bandages that will help your zit to die overnight.


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