Graduating College: Guaranteed Future?

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These are the Reason Why a College Major will not always Guarantee your Future

In life, there are crucial moments that often make a person hesitate. This article will highlight some of those crucial moments and after reading this you will realize that a college major cannot always guarantee your future.

  • Error in choosing a course

    Not infrequently, the decision to choose majors is not based on personal will or a pragmatic side in the future, but only on how cool the majors will look in front of friends. After graduating from high school, some students tend to rule out whether the course they choose will be useful in the world of work. As long as it looks cool, they might choose it.  Order essays online from the trusted company

  • Your major will not always be identical to your future career

    Today; the pattern of employee recruitment is different from a few years ago. You should know that many companies already have a training system that allows applicants from different educational backgrounds to catch up during an internal education process provided.

    • College education prepares a person to be a ready-made person

    The growing phenomenon of working in a field that is inconsistent with your educational background actually shows that college education only prepares its graduates to become someone who is ready to be formed into anything. We are equipped with the ability to think critically, to express arguments, to analyze an issue. All these skills are needed while working anywhere. Instead of preparing graduates to become experts in the fields under they study, colleges are more likely to prepare graduates to be fluid and flexible in many work environments.
  • You may not find a job that suits your educational background

    Is your goal to research jellyfish in the South Pacific Islands? Unfortunately, often the reality is not always in line with expectations. After graduation you will realize that to be a scientist it is something that is not easy. You must go get a Ph.D. degree, attend a few international conferences, and then you might have to fulfill the obligations of publication in local and international journals.

The changing condition of our society makes career choices prosperous. If 10 years ago social media strategist was not known in the list of prestigious jobs, today the profession is urgently needed. In essence, adaptability is the most important thing.

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