30 quick thoughts for 30 years in the making


Every year, is a new experience, a gift, and the opportunity to learn something new. I wanted to take a look back… What are some things that I’ve learned in my years of existence? Well, it would take too long to list – the good, the bad, and the ugly. Therefore, I decided to simplify it. List the year, and the first lesson-learned that comes to mind.


0: I can see, touch, hear, smell, and TASTE!

1: Potty trained.

2: Cuteness overrides pretty much everything.

3: Sleeping with your butt in the air feels REALLY good.

4: Not everything I like will be mine.

5: It feels great to get praised.

6: Yelling like a wild child will get you nowhere. And embarrassed.

7: Boys make me feel funny.

8: Paula Abdul rocks.

9: I want to be just like my mommy.

10: Fighting with your mom, you will always lose.

11: Dogs are the best.

12: When I dance, it’s like no one’s watching. When I play piano, it’s like everyone is listening.

13: Wait, I’m Asian? There’s a difference?

14: Boys are definitely different.

15: Get good grades, or have no future.

16: I love my friends, we all are so cool!

17: I’m in college, and it’s definitely not like high school!

18: Wow, my parents did a lot. A LOT.

19. First loves don’t mean only chance.

20. I want to be a journalist.

21. Graduation time- Just cause I went to a great school, don’t mean a thing.

22. I want to have babies, I can’t be a journalist. I’ll be a makeup artist.

23. I’m not sure I enjoy being a makeup artist.

24. A man should put you first. As should you.

25. I’m moving to Japan, to reinvent myself.

26. I am a very unique person. There is no same person. Everyone is individual.

27. I want to be a journalist AND a mother. And I CAN have both.

28. Positive groove brings positive moods.

29. Trust no one. Appreciate the now.

30. I hate not getting what I want. But I must remember what I have.
What are some things that pop in your head of things you remember growing up? Sound off below!


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