10 Things Only Women With Big Boobs Will Understand


It’s easy to love big breasts. However, the unfortunate reality is that big boobs aren’t comfortable. Unbeknownst to many people, men and women alike, women with big breasts live in a constant battle for ease, comfort, and a pain-free existence.

Clinically, these symptoms can be attributed to a condition known as Macromastia, which occurs when a woman feels that her breasts are just too large for her body.

So in order to finally clear up the misconceptions about large breasts, we’ve put together a list of the ten things only women with big breasts will understand!

  1.    It’s a problem to wear button down shirts and blazers!

Imagine being in a meeting and worrying about the buttons on your shirt staying in place. This is something many women with large breasts fear, especially in the work place.

Blazers are another struggle. It’s impossible to keep the buttons closed without those pesky breasts getting in the way!

  1.    It doesn’t matter what you wear: everything automatically looks revealing or sexual.

Women with smaller cups can easily pull off wearing plain white shirts or v-necks, but when a busty woman tries to pull it off, it becomes a problem. Granted, there is nothing wrong with wearing something a little revealing every once in a while, but it’s a nightmare when everything you wear ends up becoming too revealing because of your cup size!

Don’t even get me started on swim suits.

  1.    They live with back pain all throughout their lives (and some serious health issues).

As mentioned, there are health issues that arise because of large breasts. Doctors state that a number of women experience shortness of breath, headaches, and shoulder pain due to the extra weight that’s carried.

While medications can temporarily alleviate them from the stress, many women have turned to Breast Reduction in order to reduce the sizes of their breasts. It is not for everyone, but it has done wonders for many women who have made the decision to undergo the procedure.

As Dr. Ergun Kocak, MD from Midwest Breast & Aesthetics Surgery shares, “In most cases, the decision to undergo a breast reduction is not an aesthetic choice. As women age, large breasts can serve as the source for a number of problems that will affect the body. A breast reduction directly addresses these issues by reducing the size of the breasts”.

A study conducted by Swedish Doctors also proves that women who had the surgery observed a significant improvement in all areas of pain and discomfort.

  1.    There is a limitation of bras.

For women with big breasts, there aren’t a lot of choices. Most stores don’t carry bras for women with large breasts. In addition, there isn’t a lot of variety in terms of design. Because of this, some women have to squeeze their boobs into a smaller bra … which in itself could lead to a number of health problems!

  1.    Running is painful and sports bras do not help!

Running with big boobs is no easy feat! There’s so much hanging out that you have to divide your attention between moving and making sure everything stays tucked in. The only thing keeping breasts from falling off are bra straps themselves, which becomes a significant source of pain because of the pressure it puts on the shoulders.

In addition, sports bras cannot control all the unnecessary bouncing. This gets worse because all the bouncing irritates and chafes the sensitive skin around the breast.

  1.    Boob sweat is a constant struggle!

The sweat that creeps in the underboob can be the bane of existence for many large breasted women. And it’s not just during the summer; this happens every day. It’s a constant struggle to deal with boob sweat, which is why taking off your bra at the end of the day can be so rewarding!

  1.    People ask them if their breasts are real.

Large breasts have become such a sensitive subject topic, so don’t be surprised at the obligatory eye roll if you ask whether they’re fake or not. If anything, asking a question that invasive is just rude.

  1.    A portion of their weight comes from their busts.

According to experts, there are approximately over a million women who are affected by the extra weight on their chests. A number of these complaints involve back aches, neck pain, and numbness of the fingers. Numbness of the arms and nerve tingling can also occur because the weight on the shoulders pulls the nerves behind the clavicle.

Most women often have to settle for physical therapy and pain medication just to ease the discomfort they feel.

  1.    Push-up bras are just wrong!

Push-up bras are the worst. They weren’t designed for big breasts. To make things worse, the underwire pokes into the skin, making them really uncomfortable to wear.

  1.    Pregnancy and post-pregnancy realities.

While it’s a fact that pregnancy changes many things in a woman’s body, busty women experience things differently. If we thought the breasts couldn’t get any bigger … they do. This can be a problem after delivery since the bosom winds up being bigger than a baby’s head!

Thankfully, experts agree that it is just a normal occurrence that will eventually shrink once breastfeeding begins.

Hopefully, this sheds light on a problem many women experience on a daily basis. So next time you see a woman with big breasts, instead of looking at her, maybe give her a hand. She carries so much more than you realize.

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