How to Submit Stories and Ideas:

So you wanna join the Dirty 30 club? Smart girl!  Our startup editorial team is always on the lookout for talented writers!  We like to say what everyone else is thinking!  We accept stories on a variety of subjects from trending topics and celebrity driven content to personal essays about love and loss.  We simply ask that you familiarize yourself with our voice and write with that tone in mind.

We will happily consider both pitches for stories as well as first drafts. Send your ideas and previously unpublished drafts (as a Word .doc, please) to:

If you are pitching ideas, please include a few key sentences and feel free to send up to three ideas at a time. For completed drafts, please provide a brief summary about your story so we know what we’re reading.  For active authors (blogging 1x week) we will create an author profile for you with a bio that links to all of your social media accounts. Go you!

Please note that our editorial team currently works very hard (on an array of jobs) to pay our rent and devote as much time to growing this community. While we can’t (yet!) pay cash for contributions, we believe that great stories need to be told and we want to help tell yours! If you’re in Los Angeles, California, we’ll invite you over for wine and good conversation during one of our monthly blogger gatherings — that’s on us, of course.

If you are interested in becoming involved on a larger scale with us, please specify what type of role (i.e. website design, branding, content manager) you would like to play and we can discuss.