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Stuart is thrilled to be in her “DirtyThirties” in the ranks of women who hopefully ‘now know better’! When she’s not interviewing celebrities on the red carpet, glued to the television (yes she’s a reality TV junkie), filming a comedy video for DirtyandThirty or getting her hot body on in a yoga class, she is out enjoying Sunday Funday with her hubby or having Girl’s Night Out with her besties!

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Stuart Brazell

Co-Founder of Stuart Brazell has talent, brains and beauty as distinctive as her name. She’s a fab, fierce, femme who always speaks her mind whether in person or online (just ask her husband). The social butterfly knows how to work a room and dress for every occasion. Equally comfortable on a red carpet or at a yoga retreat, she’s the sassy southern belle who friends call when in need of advice or just plain fun.

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