Sophie Pierce


Sophie Pierce lives in the hipster neighborhood, Silverlake, in Los Angeles, California. She moved from her home state of New York to Los Angeles in May of 2004 after graduating from Ithaca College, and has grown to love this city more and more everyyear. Sophie is married to the love of her life who happens to be an actor despite her mother’s warnings to avoid them and has three small, extremely privileged rescued dogs who wear clothes and travel on airplanes. She is the owner of Sophie Dance, a children’s super fun recreational dance studio in Los Angeles that specializes in hip hop, contemporary ballet and tap for ages two to sixteen. Most recently, Sophie became a mother to Aurora Louise. She and her husband adopted Aurora after nearly two years of fertility struggles and can assure you, their new baby girl was absolutely worth the wait. Sophie is excited about this new site and looks forward to blogging about the wild journey of trying to conceive, being a business owner in “Lala Land” and finally being a mommy.

Dirty and Thirty


  1. Carolyn Kelso says:

    Really enjoyed reading about Sophie ….Photo is lovely..Congrats. Carolyn

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