Kara R.
by dirtyandthirty

With my “Dirty and Thirty” approaching fast in the next year, I am reaching out to share what has been bottled up inside of me for years.  I love words. I talk too much.  I use collage as therapy.  I see a counselor.  I love to read creative non-fiction/memoirs/self help-y books.  I am just beginning an effort at a “lifestyle change” involving weight loss, toning muscle, and my first experience with counting calories and portion size.  Eek!

I can tell you a funny little story about life, countless failed relationships, coming to terms with friendships fading, struggles with alcohol, being stuck in a job you hate & knowing your “career” is out there somewhere, feeling out of place in a small town in the Midwest, shopping for your body and learning to love yourself.

I studied English and Creative Writing at Ball State University and have worked as a server for 7 ½ years, and counting.  I encourage constructive criticism and feedback.  This journey to become the best version of myself can be a lousy, confusing, lonely one at times.  But my mantra is “I am the sum of my small steps.” Thank you for allowing me to add blogging with the lovely ladies of Dirty and Thirty to my resume as an interesting woman.  J


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