Jennifer Whalen


Jennifer Whalen is a writer, editor and social media maven with a penchant for good
food, great conversation and glamorous red carpet looks. Admittedly pop-culture
obsessed, she has interviewed various subjects, from celebrities to everyday heroes, for
publications across the U.S. She currently resides in Florida, where she moved after
earning a journalism and Spanish degree from Indiana University (go Hoosiers!). She is
an avid life-seeker, cake lover and bargain hunter who enjoys a fine glass of wine and
hungry dose of girl talk whenever possible.

While she prides herself on her work ethic, she is prouder of the relationships she has
built in her personal and professional life. With only a few months left in her 20s, she
is keen on entering her 30s with balance in mind-body-spirit. She enjoys fitness that’s
fun (i.e., yoga, Zumba), books and conversation that inspire, and advocating for causes
she believes in. For years, she has been an advocate for autism awareness (her younger
brother, Bobby, has autism), reaching out to organizations and helping raise money to
fund programs and resources to help those with autism.

For entertaining commentary on shows, life and love—or to just chat!—follow her on
Twitter @CelebMagGirl.

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