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Let’s see, I was born and raised in Viva Las Vegas which might be all I need to type in this section? No, everyone knows people that live in Vegas, don’t actually do the Vegas thing. For people that grew up there, it was just expected that every town had a lit street with a bunch of casinos that paid state taxes and never closed. Moving to California was somewhat of a shock, starting with the taxes, gas stations closing and not being able to buy alcohol after 2 AM- just a few of the many things that threw me off. However, now, as a resident for almost five years, I’m happy to report I’ve acclimated. I was living in Southern California for about two years after I finished serving time at UNLV as a Rebel when I decided I wanted to go to grad school to become a sex therapist. I started at Pepperdine and the program was wonderful, but not heavy in education around sex therapy. Luckily, I had a great supervisor who helped me get additional training. I teamed up with a good girlfriend and we started spending weekends at conferences. Right as I was about to graduate in December of 2010 I saw all my friends do the hustle and it -was- a hustle to get internships! So, in perfect social learning manner, I did as well, except for one tiny thing- I was dreading actually getting offered an internship! All the paperwork I was about to sign up for and giving up my full time job didn’t seem like an even trade to me. I took a quick look at my cards (we all have these in life) and what I did have was loads and loads of information that I had learned from all the conferences and books I’d reviewed- which is how I slipped seamlessly into an educator role rather than a therapist. Plus, being an educator has one major perk for me- it will allow me to stay true to myself by continually giving me the space to speak off-the-cuff as I have been comfortably doing so for some time now! 😀

That leads me right to why I put up the website. The reason is simple. I believe there is a serious need for this information. Whether I’m out and about with girlfriends or attending a conference on intimacy, this subject never ceases to be discussed with great interest and curiosity. As far as I can see, the demand for information has yet to be met. The world of sexuality educators is increasing each year but access to them is limited to workshops, and trainings. I have only seen a few outlets online that offer valuable information readily online and so here I am… joining the small team of educators taking over the world one orgasm at a time! I hope Jenna Time becomes a magical little webisode series with many “ah-ha” and more moments for all!

Lastly, while this bio has been written with a dash of sarcasm, there are many, many topics and issues around sexuality that are not funny or easy to work around that need special care and attention. One near and dear to my heart is sexual assault. During my training-bender escapade I discovered an agency called CSP Sexual Assault Victim Services and met Dawn Foor. I attended her 48 hr training with her team and was deeply touched by not only her and her passion, but their entire staff and the extent of their community service efforts. A portion of all donations for Jenna Time will be sent directly to their Prevention department in an effort to support the amazing work they continue to do everyday. I would highly recommend their training to anyone interested in volunteering for a Rape Crisis Hotline. Jenna Time Safety Whistles were made in an effort to keep more women educated, aware and most importantly, protected.

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