Danielle Deojay of Sequins and Ponies


Danielle Deojay writes Sequins and Ponies – a lifestyle blog about fashion, decor, style, food, shopping, DIY, cooking, flea markets, vintage, travel, and more — from her home in Los Angeles.

Danielle believes that loving what you do and doing what you love, surrounding yourself with inspired and inspiring people, and always working towards your goals is the ultimate recipe for happiness. 


  • … has yet to meet a heel too high.
  • … didn’t ‘get it’ with flea markets until I had my first vintage score.
  • … if given the choice, would take a vintage designer bag over a new one.
  • … is an expert discount shopper — I love the hunt!
  • … obsessed with: animal print, vintage barware, starbucks, sequins, ponies

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