Annaliese Schiersch
by dirtyandthirty

Annaliese Schiersch was born in Seattle and raised on the Kitsap Peninsula of Washington State. She attended the University of Washington, where she swore her eternal allegiance to her beloved Huskies and studied History as well as Law, Society and Justice. Determined to make a difference in the world, Annaliese planned on practicing environmental law, but all of her plans were dashed when she fell head over heels for a dashing guitar played who made his home in Austin Texas. After graduating from UW in 2004, Annaliese instead decided to pursue her passion for music and writing. In addition to Seattle, she has lived in Austin Texas and Nashville Tennessee. Annaliese currently resides in Los Angeles California. She can be found showcasing her music regularly at venues such as the Hotel Cafe and Room 5 in Los Angeles. Her music has been described as equal parts indie-pop and folk, vulnerable and pensive, engaging and inspiring.


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  1. Sanne says:

    This could not possibly have been more heflpul!

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