Amy Horton


Amy Horton is a 27-year-old oxymoron originally from Indiana who renounces all Midwestern ties and considers herself a full-on Californian now.  Is 5 ½ years of residency long enough for naturalization?  Her family thankfully now resides in Florida, meaning that she never, ever has to experience real winter again except by choice.  She moved out to LA to act, meaning that she ends up working in the restaurant industry a lot.  Luckily for her, serving people is great acting practice;  in fact, it’s usually 6 to 8 hours straight of improvisation.

She enjoys carnivals, hilarious people, ridiculous occurrences, and food.  She really likes food.  She also likes anything loaded with sarcasm or irony.  She mostly enjoys giving advice on relationships and sex despite having a quite flawed track record with both… but hey, you’re listening, so who’s the foolish one now?

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Dirty and Thirty

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