Meditation or Orgasm? It’s the Same to the Brain!
by Ande Lyons

Let’s see – do I want to meditate right now or have an orgasm? Hmmmmm.

The Huffington Post carried a terrific article called Why Meditation and Orgasm Feel the Same to the Brain.

The article quotes a guru who said ‘meditation came out of orgasm.’ It talks about how the French term ‘la petite mort’ … meaning little death … refers to the period of tranquility one experiences after orgasm. And it had some interesting scientific data about how the brain lights up during both activities.

Meditating and having an orgasm both require stopping what you’re doing, quieting the mind, and letting go of your inner chatter. A lot of deep breathing is involved … and both activities may be performed solo or with another person(s).

Both activities are beneficial to our health… lowering blood pressure, decreasing stress, improving sleep, and boosting our immune system. All that deep breathing fills the body with much-needed oxygen … and the heightened state from meditating and orgasm cause the brain to release our favorite mood enhancer: oxytocin.

Which is why both activities will leave you feeling completely blissed out!

So, which activity might you choose to do today – ‘Om’ or ‘Oh My?’

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Ande Lyons

As founder and Chief Passion Curator of Bring Back Desire, I share tips, tools and resources with women who want more intimacy, sensual pleasure and sexual excitement in their lives… “everything a gal needs to get out of her head and back into bed!” You can grab more info via my Media Kit… and watch this video to see me in action. :D I’m not a sexpert… I’m a business woman/wife/mom/lover of life who has been lustily in love with the same darling man for 27 years. We lost babies, businesses, parents, hormones and all our money… but we never lost each other… primarily because we stayed tuned in and turned on sexually. Sensational sex is one of the best ways for a couple to keep the love lasting!

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