Love Your Vagina
by Ande Lyons

“It’s not serious, mostly just uncomfortable,” said Charlotte’s doctor, who prescribed an anti-depressant.

“I’m not depressed!” protested Charlotte. 

“It’s not for you, it’s for your vagina,” the doctor insisted.

Love Your Vagina

Oyster pearl, honey pot, vajajay, downtown dining and entertainment district. We’ve all come up with clever names for our vaginas, but do we really LOVE what’s down there?! And CAN we use the “L” word for that special place inside us? For anyone who’s delivered a baby – you know what I’m talking about!

While we’re busy working on our self-confidence in many areas of our lives, we also need to work on our ‘genital self image.’

“Why?!” you ask? Here’s a really good reason: A recent study of more than 2,000 women by The Berman Center found that women who had the most positive image of their oyster pearls reported the most sexual energy and the easiest time achieving an orgasm.

Women who love their velvet lockets also reported to have higher levels of sexual satisfaction in general. In fact, women who had the best image of their coochies were 61 times more likely to have ever been sexually satisfied than women with the poorest image of their money slots.

Unlike men who’ve been handling their ‘private parts’ comfortably and confidently since they were born, women need a mirror to sneak a peek down there. Our estheticians have more experience with our honey pots than we do! (Want a guided tour? Click here!)

Check out BettyConfidential.com’s fabulous article for why you want to like your naughty-bits (even if you’re not ready to say the “L” word yet!).

If it’s been awhile since you last explored your pleasure patch, I recommend taking a moment to share the love and appreciation for a most valuable part of your anatomy. That little thing between your hips will be glad you did!

PS: Listen to Mooncup’s very funny Love Your Vagina song – you’ll laugh at all the aliases for vagina! Warning: tune is very catchy – let me know if you find yourself humming it all day!


Ande Lyons

As founder and Chief Passion Curator of Bring Back Desire, I share tips, tools and resources with women who want more intimacy, sensual pleasure and sexual excitement in their lives… “everything a gal needs to get out of her head and back into bed!” You can grab more info via my Media Kit… and watch this video to see me in action. :D I’m not a sexpert… I’m a business woman/wife/mom/lover of life who has been lustily in love with the same darling man for 27 years. We lost babies, businesses, parents, hormones and all our money… but we never lost each other… primarily because we stayed tuned in and turned on sexually. Sensational sex is one of the best ways for a couple to keep the love lasting!

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46 Responses to Love Your Vagina

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  2. Ah Ande! You totally make my day every time I read one of your posts!

    Nearly snorted my coffee out my nose when I read ‘downtown dining and entertainment district’!! Love it!!

    And of course, the ‘Love your Vagina’ video is a classic! I had the tune in my head all day when I posted it on my facebook page a while back. And now it’s there again :)

    Love ya Ande!!

    • Ande Lyons says:

      Thanks Gorgeous Roslyn!

      It’s one of my fave SATC episodes… and I find myself singing that little ditty Love Your Vagina as I move through the day – LOL!

      Love you!


  3. Jenna says:

    Love, love, LOVE hearing from Miss Ande!! Nothing is worse than a depressed Vagina! <3 <3 <3

    • Ande Lyons says:

      Thanks Lovely Jenna!

      Charlotte is SO FUNNY about her depressed vagina and, as always, Samantha comes through with the healthy response “here’s my compact – go take a look right now!” LOL!

      Love you!


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