The Dos and Don’ts of Naughty Talk


Naughty words… do you use them when you make love? If so, then you already know that naughty words spoken in the right way at the right moment… are an instant turn-on! Naughty talk stimulates your partner’s senses: sight, sound, touch, smell. Naughty talk is efficient. Lovers use it to express their needs in the throes of passion. When the need is now, it’s time for short and sweet. Or rather, naughty!

What is naughty talk?

Naughty talk is a form of highly imaginative sex play involving words, phrases and intonation, designed to stimulate you and your partner to a higher state of sexual anticipation and desire. Naughty language is used to increase sexual sensitivity and pleasure… both before and during sex. Done at the right time, naughty talk is the hottest thing going – a proven method to reach peak sexual arousal and enjoyment!

Getting naughty is definitely a fun and imaginative way to turn up the sexual heat—but you can also dampen the mood if you’re not careful and aware. Here’s some great advice on just what to say to your guy or gal, and how to say it… to get the explosive sexual reactions that you and your partner both want.

Naughty talking time

If the bonds of “proper upbringing” have held you back, start by whispering ‘sweet nothings’ in his ear, and gradually experiment with saltier phrases. You need to sound sincere to convince your partner that you mean those surprisingly nasty things you’re saying. Become one with the role! At the same time, it has to be comfortable for both you and your partner.

A great way to sound sexy and naughty is to describe out loud what is happening during sex, what you are seeing and feeling. Tell your lover something you’re going to do and something you want him/her to do to you right now. If you can hold eye contact at just the right moment, you’re in for some extra pleasure, believe me! Talk out your naughty fantasies. Remember what your English comp teacher said: “be descriptive.” Talk out your partner’s naughty fantasies. Not sure what they are? Well, find out!

Complimenting your lover’s attributes is another way to get naughty. Praise your lover; give her/him an ego boost. Talk about his/her body and tell him/her about your favorite part of their anatomy. And everyone responds to encouragement. Give your partner all the encouragement they need to do exactly what feels great for you. Letting your partner know what he/she is doing to you is a major turn-on!

It’s not just what you say, but how you say it!

Naughty talk is more than literal words. Create a soundtrack to guide your man to keep doing what he’s doing. Use your voice and sounds to deliver heartfelt moans, groans, sighs… from library whispering to shake-the-rafters screaming. You can sound commanding and harsh, submissive and uncertain, and everywhere in between. Watch your partner’s reactions… and learn what pushes his or her buttons.

It should come naturally from you

Please, do not say words that make you feel uncomfortable. Be yourself and say the words that come out naturally. Just say what comes to mind. To be spontaneous and sexy, you have to wait for the right moment. If naughty talk isn’t done at the right time – prepare to deal with laughter and giggles!

Naughty talk boundaries

When the subject of naughty talk comes up, the first thing to do is communicate your naughty talk boundaries. If there are words that you don’t like, you have to tell your sweetheart. Once you’ve agreed on what works and what doesn’t – have fun!

Naughty talk is not disrespect; remember, this is sex play!

Behind closed doors, almost all women enjoy being treated like a little tramp every now and then. But everyone should be conscious of separating sex play from reality. Leave naughty talk for sex play only.

Don’t be quiet in the bedroom! Be a good girl who knows how to be bad, and talk naughty

Here is a ‘Level 1’ naughty word list to help you get you warmed up. You’ll be taking it to ‘Level 2’ before you know it!

“Honey, you’re the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen!”

“I want you so bad.”

“Your wish is my command.”

“You look so sexy when you do that.”

“I love the things you do with your tongue”

“That feels so good! Do that again!”

“I love pleasing you…”

“Give it to me….”

“I can’t believe what you’re doing! Please don’t stop!”

“It drives me crazy when you look at me that way.”

“Do you like it when I touch myself here?”


“That’s it…”

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