Snuggling and Cuddling – It’s My Favorite Dessert!

“Remember, if you smoke after sex you’re doing it too fast.” Woody Allen

On my Sensual Pleasure Menu, I always order snuggling and cuddling for dessert. I love being held deep in my darling’s arms while we share the lovely vibrations of our recent intimate moment. It warms my heart and feels wonderful.

But why does snuggling and cuddling feel so good and is it better than falling immediately into a post-coital snooze? I had to find out what’s behind the hum of love from spooning and canoodling.

In order to fully express themselves sexually, women don’t just bare their bodies. They pull back the curtains and share everything they have – emotionally, spiritually and physically.

This view into her soul often leaves a woman feeling vulnerable – and the snuggling and cuddling makes her feel loved, accepted, and appreciated.

Not all women want to be cuddled after sex. Some women confess their senses become so heightened to the point where any form of touching is too exacerbating for them.

For other women the opposite is true. Snuggling and cuddling gives them time to recover and restore, resulting in increased arousal, and leading to more intimate stroking… and another round of sensual pleasure.

Was I surprised to read that in a man’s ideal world, the woman gets up, makes him a snack, and then strokes his hair while he takes a nap? Nope, I wasn’t surprised. Are you?

The brain LOVES snuggling because it releases one of our favorite hormones: Oxytocin, which is why we feel so close and intimate while snuggling.

Our lizard brains love it, too. According to scientists, this release provokes ‘pair bonding,’ an evolutionary term for women wanting to get the man to commit to her and her offspring.

Snuggling and cuddling isn’t just for post-nookie activity. It’s a lovely foreplay technique for anytime and anywhere.

So go ahead – get your snuggle on – and visit Bring Back Desire for more sensual pleasure ideas to keep your intimate life humming along.


Ande Lyons
As founder and Chief Passion Curator of Bring Back Desire, I share tips, tools and resources with women who want more intimacy, sensual pleasure and sexual excitement in their lives… “everything a gal needs to get out of her head and back into bed!” You can grab more info via my Media Kit… and watch this video to see me in action. :D

I’m not a sexpert… I’m a business woman/wife/mom/lover of life who has been lustily in love with the same darling man for 27 years. We lost babies, businesses, parents, hormones and all our money… but we never lost each other… primarily because we stayed tuned in and turned on sexually. Sensational sex is one of the best ways for a couple to keep the love lasting!


  1. Adam Hennessey says:

    Yeah, for whatever reason I sleep amazingly well when a women falls asleep in my arms, under any circumstance, a bomb could go off outside and I would sleep through it. Its like I took a sedative or something. I guess it knocks out everything from the brain’s limbic system, down to the brain stem.

    • Ande Lyons says:

      Adam – I love how snuggling with a woman creates a place where your brain can turn off and you fall into a deep, restorative sleep.

      Any woman reading this post will feel deliciously yummy inside, too, just know how you feel – thanks for sharing!!


  2. Jenna says:

    LOVE this Ande! LOVE to be held! 😀

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