Sex After Pregnancy: Getting Back On The Horse


Sex is a massive part of life for women, and Dirty and Thirty can definitely attest. Your twenties might be the time when you had fun, but the thirties are when a woman understands her body, her needs and her wants. Some of the best stuff is after the dreaded 3-0, don’t you agree ladies?

So, getting pregnant can put a cork in it, so to speak. Pregnant ladies still get the horn, but it’s tricky to keep up when there is a baby inside the womb. Plus, men get squeamish as if they’re going to do the infant damage. Come on, guys – let’s not allow ego to get in the way!

The good news is you’ve given birth and the little one is happy and healthy. Now, it’s time to get back on the horse and give your sex life a boost. New parents need to find time for themselves as well as the child, remember that. Still, it’s not easy to do because you are now in the unknown. Here is some advice for your information, and pleasure.

Listen To The Doc

Part of the afterbirth care is to tell new moms things about their body they might not know. The main example is how long before the vagina is ready for penetrative sex. Usually, the docs recommend anywhere between six weeks and two months before hopping on the good foot and doing the bad thing. Although, some couples bypass the advice by avoiding the penetrative part of the talk.

Female genitalia is remarkably flexible and robust and can recover in less than the allotted time. You might feel perfectly ready to go after one month, for example. However, it’s better to listen to the advice of the experts because your body might be recovering on the inside even though it seems fine on the outside.

Also, don’t forget that the recommendation is when it’s safe to have sex. When the body is ready and you’re ready are two different things, so only try again when you’re in the right frame of mind. It takes some women months before they want to rekindle the romance.

Don’t Be Alarmed

A lot of women report complications with sex the first time they have intercourse after giving birth. Everything from discharge to bleeding and pain and discomfort can occur, which is a little scary. If it’s never happened to you before, don’t panic. Stop and remember what happened and call your OB-GYN and book an appointment. He/she will put your mind at rest.

However, don’t expect the symptoms to clear up immediately. In fact, you shouldn’t get your hopes too high regarding pleasure. Plenty of moms say it’s like losing your virginity a second time because of the tension and time and relief of getting through it. Women and men can let it get to them, especially if your guy wants you to have a good time, which is why you should power through.

Try again and again until you get to a point where it’s comfortable and pleasurable in equal measure. After all, practice (and lube) makes perfect.

Love Thy Body

The results of pushing a baby out of your vagina mean the body isn’t in the greatest shape. And, not everyone is a celebrity mom who can, and sort of has to, get back into peak fitness ASAP. Excess fat from the pregnancy as well as cellulite, stretch marks and drooping breasts might last for a considerable time. For some women, this isn’t sexy and doesn’t help get them in the mood.

Thankfully, there are certain things you can do to love your bod. To begin with, you can push it out of your mind and remember that your fella loves you as you are now. As soppy as it sounds, it’s true and can be very calming when the thought of being naked gets the pulse racing in a bad way. Another option is to try a Dr Choy mommy makeover. Specific cosmetic surgery can transform the body, such as lifting the breasts and removing fat, without being invasive.

Truthfully, it a personal thing and whatever you want to do to feel sexy again is fine. Don’t let the stigma of having “work” done or not being catwalk-ready stop you from having sex.

Use Protection

You already know what it’s like to be pregnant and you don’t want to go through it again! Joking aside, the majority of women aren’t ready for a second kid immediately after the first. Typically, it’s better to take time to get used to being a mother and learn the tricks of the trade. Plus, you might finally get some sleep after a couple of years.

Contrary to popular belief, the female reproductive system is alive and well even after childbirth. Give or take a couple of days, the body has the ability to make another baby straight after giving birth. As well as being remarkable, it’s a cautionary tale which is why using protection is a savvy move.

It might feel juvenile after years of not using them, but condoms are the best option. The pill can play with your hormones and that isn’t wise after such a trauma, particularly if you’re breastfeeding. Or, a doctor can place an IUD immediately after giving birth.

Never Take It For Granted

After everyone is fully back on the horse, it’s easy to fall into old habits. Well, as the saying goes, they die hard. Standard sex is okay at times but it’s vital that the intercourse is fulfilling for both parties. Going through the motions isn’t going to cut the mustard. You wouldn’t watch Groundhog Day on repeat.

Take this as an opportunity to try new things and spice up your sex life. After all, it’s like starting again in a lot of ways. Think about introducing new positions for comfort reasons or adding sex toys to help with getting the ball rolling.

Have you recently given birth? What are you most concerned about regarding sex? Leave a comment and let’s have a

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