Sex a la carte


Well into my thirties now, and I’ve realized that you can’t always get what you want… from one guy.

So I’m in a non committed relationship with two men.

I have one man that I love… mind & soul… He is smart, caring, loving, successful, intelligent & witty… all the makings of the perfect guy… without, well… sexiness.

Another that I love…mind & body… he is mysterious, hard to get, sexy, in fantastic shape physically….and well… sexxxxxy.

But I’ve yet to meet “the one” that has it all… mind, body & soul.

So, I ask myself, is it wrong to have sex a la carte?

In other words, if I don’t lust after the man that I respect, cherish and love for his wisdom, intellect and heart… should I go without sex all together?

My answer is NO!  So I find myself having it a la carte until “the one” comes along that does it for me.

Is that so wrong?

Comment below – What should she do? Tell us what you think.


Dirty and Thirty
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  1. I strongly believe it is not only NOT WRONG, but it is a viable question to ask yourself and act on in general. We are in different times, with different wants and needs from our lovers and significant others. My motto is try it out and see for yourself if it is best suited for you. You go on with your sexy self girl.

    I would also say that maybe we need to question the idea that one person can truly BE our everything. I am not so sure. I think that is an unrealistic expectation. Personally I have been working on exploring open relationships and seeing if that is a good fit for me and my lifestyle. Will keep ya posted. 🙂

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