Relationship Secrets: “We just say yes.”


From time to time whether it be with couples or close friends, I pick up tiny relationship secrets that I like to share with clients and those around me looking to enhance their relationships, so sit back and enjoy the treat!

When I was in grad school, a good friend of mine was as in love as can be with a guy she had been dating for over two years.  I had to ask what she thought was different about this relationship or  what made this one stick out from the others?

It didn’t take her two seconds to respond.

She simply stated “we just say yes.”

She then went on to say that when she asks him for a glass of water, no matter what he’s doing, he stops and gets it. It works both ways and they don’t take advantage of it. It can be anything from simple tasks to more important decisions such as which social arrangements they attend. I sat there thinking of how wonderful it would be like to be in a relationship like that. How many couples operate like that? They are careful about what they ask for…but they always say yes?! I loved it! Essentially, they are making each other sole priority. What a concept.

The thing that most touched me most was that this wasn’t advice that was handed down to them. It was something her boyfriend was taught growing up with his parents who used the same logic in their twenty year marriage. Happily.

Now, while you might not be able to say yes to everything your mate asks, this is a good reminder to keep tagged in the back of your mind. Make your mate a priorityeven if it’s just a glass of water.

*Also, a good note to parents. Your children are watching and learning how to treat who they marry/spend time with in a relationship. Teach them well. Be a wonderful role model.

That’s your gem of relationship advice today! :D


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  1. I absolutely love this! Initiating a new tradition tonight!

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