Nice & Slow: Know your girls tempo!


So, it’s that time of week again…FRIDAY!!! Which means for many of you who schedule sex on your calendars, (yes, people do that!) tonight is probably one of your scheduled nights and before the evening gets hot and heavy, I thought I’d share some information about ORGASMS to help your night be extra hot!

Now, I know, and believe me, I KNOW there are a lot of people who think they are mind blowing when it comes to sex but what people/clients tend to forget the most is that…just as different as men and women are…SO are the ways they both have orgasms!

For example, we all seem to grasp that if you move faster in bed – the man will orgasm? Correct? If you didn’t know, that is the general consensus – lucky you, you get to learn two things today! Well men and I’m not getting down on men, but men kind of seem to think that women have an orgasm the same way?! Right ladies?! We’ve all met a jack-rabbit thumper at one time or another………(FYI – for men, women hate that, rhythm, please!). God bless these guys, they put in a lot of work thinking that their little sweetheart is going to get off only to get 1.) no orgasm or 2.) a faked orgasm.

The thing is, the reason so many women in the world are silently begging for men with rhythm is that they actually orgasm by a variation of speed. So….fast, fast, fast….slow…, fast…..slow, slow, slow! We need some interval sex is what I’m saying (your welcome ladies – someone had to say it). You see, the clitoris is so so so sensitive with over 8,000 sensory nerve endings it’s easy to get overstimulated – (yes that happens) and completely lose your shot of giving old sweetie an orgasm. Also, for the g-spot orgasm, same thing, you’re rubbing up against her inner wall – you can’t just rub it like your trying to rub ink off your hand…SLOW. IT. DOWN. Rhythm…if you need help with this, listen to “Nice & Slow” by Usher. He will help you out! Look at all he did for Justin Beiber?! I totally trust him!


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  1. Yes, so when they say its not the size of the boat in the port, its the motion in the ocean, they are not lying, I take it?

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