Midnight “Bump”


This evening I’m writing about the “Midnight Bump” – are you familiar? You know that bump you get in the middle of the night from your beloved mate when you’re cuddling that’s throwin’ stones at the window to see if anyone’s interested in sneaking out?!

If you have no clue about what I’m talking about, I’ll just say it. Fine. Sex in the middle of the night! Are you getting the picture?

When I talk to couples, one of the things I ask early on is if they know who the initiator is and if they knew all the signs their mate showed to reveal interest in sex? Now, maybe you know this about you, but you’d be surprised on how many people were missing the “Midnight Bump” calls, which is one of many signals to show interest.

I get asked on an almost daily basis, “what can I do to spice things up in my sex life?” – immediately people are expecting 100 tips to just come out, but this is one gem I use often. If you don’t know what a Midnight Bump is, surprise your mate with some lovin’ in the middle of the night. Changing up things in the slightest will heat things up.

Now, I already hear people telling me how tired they are at night….pick a weekend friends and I’m not suggesting this every night. That reminds me, keep an open mind! :)

We are all familiar with “Afternoon Delights” well, let’s get as familiar with “Midnight Bumps” – feel free to change up the name. I quite enjoy it and find it funny but you can go with “Midnight Delight” if you please, even though that sounds like an ice cream drumstick to me. Whatever works and whatever gets you in the mood.

I recommend everyone bring up the who’s the initiator conversation…seriously, you could be missing out on lots of action without even knowing it!!

Happy Midnight Bumps!!


Dirty and Thirty

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  1. Granted that is a good way to spice things up, you just have to make sure you have your birth control regime is in working order in case you don’t want the stork to leave a bundle of joy on your door step. If you are welcoming the stork, that is a really good way to grant it access to the air space 🙂

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