It’s All About the Big ‘O’! The Sex and Relationship Show


Yup with the DirtyandThirty girls…everything is on the Table.  We brought in one of our favorite bloggers and SEXpert, the lovely Jenna Time. Jenna educates and empowers individuals with their sexuality, relationships and intimacy.

We also featured The Screaming O’s Studio Collection: chic, discreet, and super-powered multi-functioning vibrators and stimulant balms that travel as an everyday, high-end make-up kit.

To win a free Vibrator…Join the DirtyandThirty club at the top right hand corner of the site and be automatically entered into the contest. Next Wednesday the winner will be announced. 

For you mystery orgasmers… this product allows every woman to disguise her desires while keeping her secret passions and products hidden in plain sight.  It’s the perfect inconspicuous gift for any woman to enjoy alone, but also as an enhancement for private time with her partner.  The Studio Collection is a tongue-in-cheek and classy way for a woman to celebrate her womanhood and gift her friends in the classiest of ways.

For more information, you can also check out

See you next week on Spreecast. Same time, same place, same topic…The Sex and Relationship Show, Wednesdays at 5pm! Feel free to log on and ask questions…we want to hear from you.


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  1. A little tongue and cheek humor here, I am guy so If I join the Dirty and Thirty Club what do I do if I accidentally win the vibrator? … Here are some ideas…

    1. Duck tape it to my alarm clock and sync it so when the alarm goes off it will rattle around a lot and be a more effective alarm.

    2. Replace the 8 ball shifter in my six speed with the vibrator and have it vibrate when I am supposed to upshift.

    3. Rig it with a motion sensor to use as a part of a security system, so when someone walks by it will start vibrating.

    4. Use it as a gas cap for my car and have it vibrate and rattle the car when I have one gallon left of gas in the tank.

    5. Pet entertainment toy, draw eyes on it and see if it will keep cats or dogs occupied.

    6. Attach it to a Playstation or Xbox controller to augment the rumble pack in the controller, if it registers a 1.5 on the Richter scale when it vibrates, it will make for an amazing gaming experience.

    7. Use it as test bench for a new long lasting lithium ion battery, who doesn’t want a vibrator that will last run for six months straight.

    8. Develop a solar panel for it when you don’t have a replacement battery.

    9. Set it up with feedback telemetry so you can down load the information onto a laptop and know how many vibrations per second you are getting, You could track its usage it over an hour, day, month, year and so forth and an Iphone app to keep track of battery life and speed.

    10. Put small wings on it and a small scale jet turbine and turn it into a remote controlled aircraft.

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