Clean Sex = Better Sex


Sex doesn’t have to be dirty! In fact, there are some really important hygiene practices you and your partner will need to follow if you want to ensure that you are staying safe and healthy in the bedroom. Don’t worry, these clean practices won’t ruin your sex life or make you have bad sex – they just ensure that all the tiny germs and bacteria stay well away when you are getting down to things in the bedroom. Want to know more? Here are some ways you can make your sex life better and cleaner.


Ladies, Learn How To Clean Your Bits


It is important that all women know how to clean their vagina correctly, as it can help to prevent bacteria from getting up there and causing certain health problems, like yeast infections. However, it’s not a good idea to use regular soap down there as it can be too strong for this sensitive area. It can also sometimes cause an imbalance in the vagina’s pH levels which can lead to infections. So, treat your down below area to some gentle soap – you can even see some great soap substitutes here – so that it doesn’t get too irritable during sex.



Wash Hands Before And After


This may not sound like the most sensual way to start off your foreplay, but it really is important that both partners wash their hands thoroughly before sex. This is because a lot of germs can gather under the fingernails throughout the day. While you and your partner are intimately touching one another, it’s ever so easy to transfer all of these germs and bacteria to your genitals. If the wrong germs end up in your sensitive areas, you could end up with a really bad infection. As well as washing your hands before sex, it’s also necessary to wash them afterwards as well so that you don’t spread the germs and bacteria that are naturally found on the genitals.


Guys, Change Your Underwear Each Day


Us ladies might think that this goes without saying, but you would be surprised at how many guys still think it’s ok to wear their underwear for a few days on the trot. This really isn’t cool! Every guy needs to change their boxers on a daily basis, especially if they have been working out and getting sweaty during the day. If they don’t, then a lot of bacteria will build up in them and increase the chances of infections, strong odors, and skin irritation. And this certainly won’t be a turn on for the ladies!



Stay Well Groomed


There are various ways you can keep your pubic hair. Some people prefer to leave it natural, others like to trim it, while some people like to completely remove it. You should do whatever you want to do with yours, and you shouldn’t feel pressured by a sexual partner to shave all your pubic hair completely if you don’t want to. However, it is important that you keep it well-groomed as this can help your genitals stay healthy. And this is even the case for men! In fact, 99 cent razor teaches you how to shave your balls, which can be useful for reducing odors from men’s pubic area. If you just want to trim your pubic hair, you can do this yourself using some nail scissors. Just remember to be super careful so that you don’t end up snipping at some skin! Ouch!



Don’t Be Scared Of Your Doctor


Is something not right in your sexual health department? If you are worried about something or have started to show symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases, then it’s important that you get checked out by your doctor as soon as possible so that you can get any medication that you might need. There are lots of people who get easily embarrassed when it comes to their sexual health and, as a result, don’t go to their doctor. There really is no reason to be embarrassed when it comes to speaking to your doctor about sexual health problems. After all, it’s their job and they will have definitely seen everything before!


Guys, Learn How To Clean Your Junk In The Trunk


I’ve already mentioned that women need to know how to clean their vaginas correctly, and this is also the case for men and their penises. It’s easy enough for men who have been circumcised, as they just need to wipe it down with warm soapy water. However, men who have not been circumcised need to make sure that they pull back their foreskin so that they can clean underneath it. Lots of germs can gather underneath the foreskin so it really is crucial that it gets a good clean every other day.



Keep Checking Yourself


Even though most cancers that affect our genitals and breasts occur in later life, it is still important that you check yourself regularly no matter your age. And this goes for both men and women! You need to get to know how your genitals usually look and feel so that you can quickly spot any lumps of changes to the skin if they ever occur. That way, you can quickly make an appointment with your doctor and get everything checked out as soon as possible. Most of the time, any lumps and bumps will be benign, but you should get them all seen to, just in case! After all, it’s better to be safe than sorry!


Ladies, Make Sure You Pee After Sex


If you don’t already go to the bathroom after sex to pee, you really need to start doing so. Even if you don’t feel like you need to go! Not peeing after sex can result in a nasty UTI as germs from the penis will stay inside your vagina and could end up in your bladder. However, peeing straight after sex helps the body flush all those nasty germs out.


Don’t forget to keep your sex clean with these tips – it’s beneficial to you and your partner!

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