Bringing Back The Art Of The Quickie.


People like to say that marriage ruins your sex life. It’s just not true. Whatever your relationship status (married/dating/living together/etc), after being with someone for awhile you may notice a decline in your sexual activities. For the most part it’s not because you’re no longer attracted to the person, or your clitoris left to rejoin all the horny teenagers. It’s because you just got fucking busy!

The older we get (and I mean all of us 20’s, 30’s, 40’s…) the more life likes to fill our time. Job, house, vehicle, sleepovers at the DMV waiting for your turn in line, kids, pets, friends and family insisting you make time for their love….all good things! (minus the dreaded DMV of course) All these wonderful additions to our lives take up our oh-so-precious time.

So lately my husband and I have been bringing back the art of the quickie. As much as we enjoy a long, love-making session or fun ‘throw me around the room and pull my hair’ sessions, we don’t always have time for it. So we’ve started having 5-10 minute ‘make me come now’ sessions. They’re fun and sexy and help us reconnect when life’s craziness tries to pull us apart. It reminds us that we like to play with each other. Keeping the love alive in a relationship takes a little effort, so here’s a good place to start. I don’t care if you have to write it down in your planner, remind yourself to take 10 minutes out of your day and go randomly attack your mate, even if it’s just to make out…you’ll thank me later.

Speaking of…I’m going to go jump mine in the garage right now.



Sarah Matthews
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  1. Great article. Its funny you mention that. I was at the gym yesterday and swimming laps in the pool and there was a young couple hooking up in the lane next to me. It wasn’t even late at night, it was around 6:00pm. I only noticed because I did flip turn and pushed off from the wall and saw it out of the corner of my eye. So you can make it work. It is possible. The further irony is that the gym is a Jewish Community Center. Its well funded and they have a real nice pool. I am thinking to myself, this is a house of god. Is god trying to tell me something? This wasn’t even in the whirlpool next to the lap pool. It was the lap pool. I’m 34, I live in Los Angeles so dating is a cross between venture capital and landing on the moon. I started to wonder if I was just really dehydrated or something. Because for whatever reason it gave me odd pause. Who Knows 🙂

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