How Booking Escorts Improved My Sex Life


There certainly shouldn’t be such a stigma attached to booking an escort – thats my view and I am sticking to it. Why’s that?

Married for more years than I care to remember and still loving my nearest and dearest and everything was looking good. That is apart from in the bedroom. Meals out, drinks, great social life, kids grown up and gone, everyone thinks that we are the perfect couple. However, one of us has the sex drive of an 18 year old and one – well she doesn’t have a sex drive.

As you can imagine this was causing immense friction. Her not wanting to be touched and me constantly wanting to climb on her in bed as we always used to. Sexual frustration – you can’t believe it.

So one day I thought to myself, why not get some innocent relief elsewhere. Not into the dating scene – far too risky, I thought about booking an escort.

Was there any guilt at this stage? Absolutely not. I was simply seeing this as a physical service – after all I was close to exploding, almost literally.

So I took the tentative steps with Google and searched for an escort in my area. I was very pleasantly surprised with what I found and you can click here to see where I arranged my booking from.

A high class escort agency website with a range of stunning escorts of all shapes, ages, ethnicities. Hmmm, this was going to be harder than I thought. Plenty of search filters so I opted for brunettes initially. Talk about being spoilt for choice, I would have happily met with any of them. Narrowing my choice a little I started looking for tall brunettes and happily found both English and European escorts available for just a quick phone call.

As a sales guy I travel a lot so the booking itself was going to be easy. Mid to late afternoon I thought, so I shortlisted a couple of girls and called the agency. Highly professional, courteous and efficient they told me that both of the girls were available that afternoon and needed my hotel room and number. No problem there I said, and called them back from my hotel  later that afternoon with the details.  

45 minutes later, after a quick shower, my escort arrived looking every bit as beautiful as she did on the escort agency website. So, without going into too much detail it was a fantastic hour of fun and games and we both had a great and very naughty time. I ‘performed’ twice and really got things out of my system so to speak.

So, how did booking an escort improve my sex life? Well I booked the same girl a couple of times a month and we get on great. Now that we know each other and what the other person likes we can take time exploring and being a little more adventurous. My twice monthly meets certainly help to keep me satisfied and the pressure is off her indoors.

But guess what happened by complete accident? Simply because I wasn’t pestering the Mrs every five minutes and constantly grabbing her ass she thoughtthat maybe she was losing her sex appeal or that I was losing interest in here. She started giving me the odd little unexpected kiss as well as wearing some sexier clothes, especially in the evenings.

Her attention certainly caught my attention and gradually we were starting to find each other again. All thanks to booking an escort and trying to think of a solution that would suit both parties.

Do I still see my escort friend? Well sadly not and I only say sadly because I got quite attached to her and our meetings. Who wouldn’t? But by accident she brought myself and the Mrs closer and in my view the wife never needs to now.

My advice to anyone else in the same situation that I found myself in – perhaps take the same route as I did, it will certainly keep you sane. Of course I can not promise that it will bring you and your partner back together but it will for sure help your situation. Go for it, and good luck.

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