From Bedroom To Boudoir: Simple Ways To Spice It Up Again


There is nothing worse than being stuck in the same routine in the bedroom and not talking about it. For a couple, communication in the bedroom is one of the most important and vital parts of a relationship. If you’re stressed, worried, tense or frightened about something, you’re going to find it tough to get out of that rut you’re stuck in. If you don’t open up to your partner, you’re going to be stuck in it for a while. Sometimes, though, a big part of the problem is the bedroom itself. If you have an uninspiring bedroom, you can’t exactly get yourself – or your partner – in the mood to reconnect. Intimacy in a relationship is so important, so here are some tips to help your rundown, mainstream bedroom more of a boudoir.


Look At Your Lighting. Confidence is so important in life, but most of all for how you feel in the bedroom with your partner, and no one feels confident with all their flaws lit up for the world to see. Softening the lighting with lamps instead of the overhead light on can be the happy medium you need for the perfect night in.

Manage Your Mattress. Not everyone can afford to splash out on a plush, pillow-top memory foam mattress, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t buy the perfect mattress with the perfect firmness and this detailed review can help you to decide which to buy. You need a comfortable bed for aerobic activity, right?

Paint Your Personality. If you’re the sort of person who loves to splash their personality all over the house, your bedroom shouldn’t be an exception. Changing plain white walls to softer lilacs and powder blues can make your bedroom more inviting than ever before.

Spring For Sheets. Changing and washing your sheets is one thing but upgrading your sheets and comforters to give you that ‘aah’ feeling when you slide underneath them can make bedtime more exciting. Silk sheets are lovely, but a high thread count of cotton are so much nicer.

Clear The Clutter. A messy bedroom is not the right atmosphere for bedtime, right? Well, it’s time to clear some of the clutter away and tidy the space that you have. A bedroom should be a minimalist space; a clear bedroom invites a clear mind and can make even the most stressed out couple feel relaxed.

Dress To Impress. Lastly, your bedroom needs to have you in it to accompany it! Light a few scented candles, sprinkle rose petals and something comfortable to wear can make anyone relax as they walk into the bedroom.


Couples go through peaks and troughs in their love lives. The important thing is communicating with each other and being excited for the evenings that you can spend discovering each other all over again. Your bedroom doesn’t just have to be a place of sleep; it should be a place to have pillow talk, intimacy and some really great sex. Make it happen!

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