9 Sex Tips For Women To Be Better In Bed



9 Sex Tips For Women To Be Better In Bed

Could women be generally worse than men in bed? It’s an argument that’s hard to believe when it’s women’s sexuality and leggy in-betweens that are all spread out liberally on magazine covers and all over the Internet. Women have the power to turn on sex and the opposite sex, and navigate the lovemaking session exactly towards the direction we want to reach.

Women and better sex.

Stop making sex so complicated.

“Women need a reason to have sex. Men just need a place,” actor Billy Crystal has been credited of saying. Many times, this is the root cause of women’s demise in the bedroom. Learn to take sex as it is, for what it is. It’s been designed for reproduction, that’s a fact but, they’re also made for your enjoyment and satisfaction so you should focus on getting to your Big O.

Stop worrying.

One of the reasons why women hold back a lot from sex is societal stereotypes but also a lot of fears, including fear of untimely pregnancy. Before you can enjoy sex, you should educate yourself on safe sex. When you keep worrying, your mind is always on all the possible aftermath of lovemaking instead of concentrating on that man inside of you.

Get to know yourself better.

Explore your own body. Know what pleases you and what arouses you. The only way for you, in fact, to really find out is to be open about entertaining your and your partner’s kinky ideas. Does it feel good when he goes down on you? Do you feel sexier when you’re on top? Take note and let him know.

Learn from others.

You can read books and videos that give away sex tips for women. You’ll soon realize that there’s more than the missionary position when it comes to enjoying great sex. Once you learn about your options, you’ll begin to see that, when it comes to your sexuality, your imagination knows no limits. So, be creative and you’ll be surprised at what a natural, sexual animal you are — one that you’ve always been but didn’t discover until now.

Learn from your partner.

Get down and dirty. There is no theory so great that could ever overcome the raw, instinctive pleasures that can be derived from two heated bodies rubbing against each other. Be receptive to the wonderful world of sex that your partner can open up for you simply by playing a role in his wildest, boldest sexual fantasies because, chances are, you just might like his ideas. On the other hand, be receptive and honest about your fantasies with your partner too. Help him help you make your dreams come true. After all, a partner that truly cares about you will want nothing but satisfy you in bed too.

Convert your mind to a kinky state.

Sexy is all the mind. If you can get into that frame of thinking, amazing sex will be in your nature to deliver. Think sexy and you’ll begin to act sexy. At first, it takes some effort and practice, and you can start by saying or doing sexy things for yourself but also for your partner. There are countless ways that you can do that: sext, dress up in sexy lingerie, drop hints to your partner when you need some sensual touching, tease, and learn the many ways you can turn on your partner whenever you need him to perform.

Be game for surprises.

Respond to your partner’s surprise ideas and design some yourself. Routine sex is the biggest killer of a couple’s sex life. You have to keep sex interesting and some of the ways that you can do that is by role-playing, shifting sex positions, and changing when and where you have sex.

Praise your partner’s sex efforts.

It’s one of the most neglected sex tips for women often advised by the very people who understand everything there is to know about sex. Don’t forget to tell your partner how much satisfied you are — and, don’t get serious when you do. Learn the kinky ways of composing that message and getting it across.

Feel great about your body.

When you’re confident and unashamed of your package, that in itself is already a good start to enjoying great sex. Eat healthy, exercise, groom and glam up.

Types of kisses and what that mean.


Sex takes two to tango to mutually reach earthshaking orgasms. But, first, the prospect for a satisfying sex life starts with you.

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