6 Ways Sex Causes Acne and How to get rid of them


After the tossing, panting and turning, you’re faced with the bathroom mirror, eyes half closed, still flushed from the passionate lovemaking you and your partner have just shared in bed.  Then, the unthinkable happens — a zit! Worrying about acne is the last thing you want to have to deal with after spending a steamy night of sex with your partner. Therefore, we have generated a list of 6 ways sex causes acne and how to take preventative measures to ensure you can be breakout free long after your sexual excursion has concluded.

Sex and acne: Is there a link?

Truthfully, there have been attempts to link the two but, no scientific evidence has ever proven there’s any connection whatsoever.  So, woman, you can breathe now because abstaining from sex and learning more sex tips for women is the last thing your dermatologist would be asking you to do anytime soon.

Yet, there are at least 6 very good, very likely explanations why you almost always end up with a zit or worse, a breakout, after sex.  Here are:

6 Ways Sex Causes Acne:

1. Oral contraception.  Pills are medications that, like to think of it as such or not, play around with your hormones as it allows you to play around with your partner in bed.  Unfortunately, oral contraceptives do affect your skin but, you can have the best of both worlds.  Consult with your GYN and see if you can be prescribed a different variety or brand of contraception so you can keep climaxing without getting a zit as a side effect.

2. Nasty sheets.  Dirty pillowcases and bed linings can well start you off with an acne breakout.   Dirt, other than excess oils, is what causes acne after all.  It’s likely those beddings have not been washed for a while.  Lady, you got several hours to get that out before you start heating things up with your man again tonight.  So, go ahead and change the sheets as soon as you can catch your breath!

3. Your partner’s hairs.  Your partner’s hair and goatee can be the culprit.  Women find razored strands of hair particularly irritating.  Of course, you hardly noticed them while you were wrestling in bed with your partner but, if your skin rubbed against these parts, you’re likely to become irritated or worse, scratched, most especially if you have thin, delicate and sensitive skin.

4. Your partner’s hands.  You may be have been flattered that he couldn’t seem to keep his hands to himself and to get his hands off of you earlier but, that spontaneity may have caused you that red mark on your face.  Hey, you simply can’t let a moment like that pass.  Besides, there is nothing to regret really.  If you have anything to blame, blame it on that list of sex tips for women you read earlier today.  It transformed you into the sex goddess your man simply just couldn’t resist — meow!

5. Profuse sweating. The sudden need to do it has not quite allowed you to bathe first or, at least take off your makeup.  You went boom, right, straight into the action — and, who could blame you when the heat was simply too unbearable to take anymore?  It’s the nasty mix up of sweat, oil, dirt and makeup that all of a sudden irritated your pores.  So, take heart now.  Even when you’re so eager to dive right back in to bed, take a few minutes to wipe off your face and give it a quick cleanse.

6.  Food or drink. If you guys wined and dined before you relaxed and entertained yourselves in bed, that zit may also be caused by the booze or some fatty starter you shared with your boo — “Boo!”.

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How to get rid of acne?

Generally, you have two choices:

1. DIY:  Try getting your pores opened up by letting steam pass on your cleansed face.  Follow through with a toner.  Don’t force your zit to come off.  It will come off when it’s dry.  Or, you can also try oil cleansing.  Soak a ball of cotton with oil then run across your face.  This way is more of a preventive method just so your oily skin does not create too much oil that will only make matters worse for your skin.

2. OTC or prescription medication:  If it’s not a major breakout, you’re better off just waiting it out.  However, if you notice it worsen, it’s time to call in some reinforcements.


There may be 6 ways sex causes acne but don’t get your panties in a bundle! Keep having fun.  Play safe, and never have to worry ever again that sex will awaken those dreaded zits because now you know the 6 ways sex causes acne and now you can take the proper actions to prevent such disadvantageous consequences.

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