5 Hookup Tips you Need to Know Before you Meet for Sex


You may have begun to see a fresh partner lately and you’re going to think about great ways to set the scene for excellent sex. You’re there, with your date tumbling through the front gate like a romantic comedy scene. You’re about to hook up for the first moment, and you feel all kinds of ways, it’s fairly evident. Nervous? Yes. Excited? Of course. But you may also be concerned about making a mistake.

Or perhaps you’ve been with your partner for so long, in the bedroom you’re hoping for a refresher on how to create a more pleasant mood. Either way, before you hit the sheets, there is a to-do list.

Sex is just sex dating or local online hookups, especially if you found it on a sex wesite. There’s no need for hearts and flowers, holy marriage and ever after living happily, just physically connecting right there, that minute, with someone you find appealing. Many of us were in that situation, and it could be amazingly enjoyable. Still, a certain negativity has always been connected to the call of the booty and the one-night stand. Not only is this negativity unfair, it is pointless. Not every sexual encounter must ever be happy about it. Sometimes it can only be about having fun in the bag with no-strings-attached.

This is what hook-up culture and sexual liberation is all about. However, the key is to be respectful. Being naughty is absolutely okay but be a naughty gentleman.

So, don’t hesitate if you’d like to hook up with a woman. Just treat her reasonably and honestly and know what you want to be up front. Not every woman wants to be in relationships either, so it’s better to make no assumptions than to make the wrong assumptions. Honesty, whatever it may be hard or awkward, generally prevails.

Consider this a one-stop checklist if you want to be really prepared for intimacy. Experts advice on what to do before you have sex below.

  1.     Long before you have it, hint at sex

While spontaneity is often commended, it can create a more enjoyable encounter by generating some sexual tension well before you reach the bedroom. It’s going to pay off anticipation hours.

“Give your partner a lingering morning kiss, a flirtatious text during the day or a suggestive clink when you walk through the door”, said Sarah Hunter Murray, a sex researcher and therapist for relationships.

  1.     Encourage your brain

Sex starts in the mind particularly for females. “The brain is a stronger sexual organ than genitalia because it’s where sex drive comes from, so reading erotica or visually imagining sex play will do wonders in preparing for sex to heighten senses,” said Rodgers.

Throughout your day, in the hours leading up to sex, you can pepper imagination sessions and don’t forget foreplay once you’re lastly together.

  1.     Be a decent host or a Courteous guest at the least

It’s just plain rude to kick someone to the curb at 5 a.m. We don’t care how casual the hookup is. Let them go to bed. And in the morning create them a good cup of coffee. Be aware that snuggling can send a mixed message for more than 15 minutes but that said, don’t be confused if your one-night stand wants to spoon the whole night.

Some individuals on the side like a bit of casual intimacy. If you hate strangers spooning, instead going back to the location of your hook-up, so you can sneak out at 5 a.m. And be sure to leave a cheerful note; unnecessary phone number not required.

  1.     Be Safe

Obviously, safe sex is important, which can include protection for some. Always properly use protection.

According to Sunny Rodgers, a clinical sexologist and licensed sex coach, condoms must be prepared to go before you get busy, so you’re well prepared. “And understand the right way to put a condom on the penis of a partner,” she said. “I always suggest buying big condoms as there is a tiny distinction between periodic and large sizes.”

  1. Start slowly

A big thing to keep in mind, most females need about 20 minutes of preparation for penetrative sex for their bodies. “By offering both partners with an extremely pleasant sex experience, taking time to enjoy some foreplay can go a long way,” Rodgers said. “Undressing one another piece by piece, kissing each other’s body along the manner, is a good way to get to understand the body of your partner and set a gentle tone.”

Don’t rush into the moment’s heat; slow it down. Then you’ll be prepared for the main case.

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