What Would Carrie do?


What would it be like if Internet dating existed during Sex and the City? Wouldn’t the ladies all be even MORE promiscuous? Surely, Charlotte would be on JDate, Carrie OKCupid, Samantha Ashley Madison and Miranda…. hmmm.

But seriously, dating in 2013 is awful! Between the internet and what our culture of women has deemed acceptable, it is bleak out there! Men no longer have to wait for their letter to arrive via the Wells Fargo Wagon or send us a telegram and wait for our response. They certainly don’t have to exert much effort by the way of wining and dining us, for most of us, a glass of wine and a walk through West Hollywood can seal the deal. It’s like the proverbial question from our favorite show, “are we sluts?” or rather, are we desperate?

With the economy crashing I think women accepted this and took it as a chance to lower their financial standards, widening their dating pool and taking what they can get.  This, though kind, is unacceptable.  Is it okay to accept that we have to split it because he is between jobs? Is it okay that he always spends the night because he sleeps on a couch?  I don’t know that the answer is no, but I think the answer is MEN, STEP IT UP.  Why didn’t we use this as an opportunity to audition our potential suitor’s creativity?

I’m recently single and what I realize has happened over the past three years while I was in coupledom, is a strange turn of events where Facebooking someone is just as good as growing the balls to ask for someone’s number.  People are more and more commonly unemployed while chasing their Hollywood dreams and scraping by with their unemployment money.  I’m all for dreams but what happened to working three jobs? Saving money up and instead of buying a Halloween costume, asking your love interest on a proper date?  People don’t even call them dates anymore!! It’s a “hangout” or “seeing” someone.  Wow.  Ladies, step it up. Demand more. Ask yourself, would Carrie Bradshaw do this?

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  1. (Tongue and cheek humor here) I don’t want to say chivalry is dead, but it is getting up there in age. It seems to age a lot faster in Los Angeles than it does in other parts of the country.

  2. Marcy says:

    Like the men who are chivalrous are older or women are faster? Tongue and cheek us a little more.

  3. How about just not putting up with it? How about staging your own proverbial coup and growing a pair on your own? I am not speaking directly to YOU the writer…but to women in general… Nothing has changed that drastically. Believe me. WE change. WE start looking in various different places, or with various different eye-balls, because of the “economy” or our “broken hearted status” or whatever. We change. Then we wonder why everything else is so very different. I suggest we sit alone with ourselves for a spell and wait things out. I’d wager a bet after a long reprieve from the dating madness – or at minimum, the wild and crazy circus we’ve allowed into our lives, things will begin to reform in a way that surprises us.

  4. This is a very timely article. Too many women and men have gotten lazy and impatient when it comes to courtship. I have a major disdain for the phrases “dating”, “hanging out”, and “chillin”. The good thing that can come out of our economic starvation is men step up and re-learn to court a woman and women sit back and allow men to court them. It’s just that simple.

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