Wedding Budget! Wedding Guest List!


Here is the next installment of my ‘Blogger Bride’ series. It’s so crazy looking back at these – I can’t believe I pulled everything off in only four months!:

My wonderful mother Robyn in South Carolina has generously offered to pay for my wedding – she is the most amazing woman in the world!  Only problem is we are getting married in LA! If we were throwing my wedding in Columbia, SC – I could have a black tie ball for three hundred people at a fabulous price!

First thing Rob and I did today was write out our guest list. We absolutely HAVE to keep the number at one hundred people or less to even have a chance of working with our budget. Rob’s alone was ninety-five, so he has work to do! I came in at a solid sixty-five, not bad for my first try. I will say my list consists of people who are truly in my life on a daily basis, close family and my absolute best friends from high school and college.

The list is so important because that is where the most money will be spent – per head. Ideally, I’m hoping to find a wonderful venue to have the ceremony and reception and come in at no more than $115 per head – hey I still have a dress to buy, flowers, cake and the list goes on!

First up Robyn decided we take a look at a country club in the valley and the Four Seasons in West Lake Village that both seem to be willing to work with us and our budget.


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