Valentines Vixens: Have a Fabulous Day Regardless of Relationship Status!


Valentines Vixens: Have a Fabulous Day Regardless of Relationship Status! When it comes to Valentine’s day, there’s no ‘one size fits all.’ Your relationship, your personal tastes and thoughts towards the occasion and your budget will all play a part in how you choose to celebrate (if at all!) However if you love a bit of romance and enjoy making an effort on these kinds of occasions, here are a few ideas for how you could spend it.


Long Term Couples

If you’ve been together forever then Valentine’s day won’t pose a problem at all. You already know what the other likes and so finding a gift won’t be an issue. You probably already have tonnes of favourite bars and restaurants you could visit, or the pair of you might have been eyeing a new place and waiting for a special occasion to go. The main thing with long term relationships is keeping the spark alive, to keep things fresh and exciting, why not look into some of the sexual aids and enhancements on the market? Valentine’s day is a good a day as any to get adventurous, sites like Allure Sensuality have plenty on offer. Since you will more than likely already live together, you could run them a bath when they come home from work and hand them a glass of wine. Then after your romantic meal, come home and light some candles and sprinkle rose petals on the bed. Find the passion and romance that you had when you first started dating, and you won’t go far wrong!

New Relationships

Valentine’s day can be a little awkward when you’ve not long started a relationship, or are dating someone in the early days. This is a day dedicated to love, and chances are you’re not quite there yet! Instead of focusing solely on romance, just enjoy some quality time together. Do something fun and enjoyable, if you’re both off work you could go for a daytrip somewhere and enjoy each other’s company. If not, a few casual drinks after work is fine when you’ve not been together long. You could get a fun and flirty board game or card game to get to know each other better, for when things spice up a little later on! In terms of a gift, keep it simple. Avoid keepsakes or anything too personal in the early day- chocolates and wine along with a card for both genders. Flowers also make a good choice as a gift for a woman, and you can find them everywhere in shops at this time of year.


Just because you don’t have a partner doesn’t mean to say you can’t enjoy Valentine’s day- no need to feel bitter about all the happy couples out there! If you fancy a night out, why not gather up your friends and enjoy some cute valentines themed cocktails or just some glasses or prosecco. If a night in is on the cards, a pamper night with a face mask, bath oils, fluffy new pyjamas and a good dvd always makes for the perfect evening in for one.


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