Unoriginal Valentine’s Day Tips for Guys

What up Freaks!? Welcome back to a guy’s guy! So, what is this guy doing for Valentine’s Day or as I like to refer to it, Lonely Hearts Club? Well, I’m going to work and then I’m saddling up at the bar, most likely Rockin’ Fish and celebrating my originality!
Yep, that’s what I think of Valentine’s Day, unoriginal. If you need a Hallmark Holiday to take your girl out then you’re a F’ing moron. Seriously, the fact that there even needs to be a day to remind dudes to be romantic is pretty pathetic. But then again, I know some dudes who are a little less than Casanova.
I know, I know, it’s easy for me to say being the single man that I am, but you know what, I’m right! I’m not single because I can’t find myself a lady, I’m single because I haven’t found the right lady and I’m not going to settle like so many schmucks out there.
Anyway, back to V Day! I honestly don’t mind if you do something for your lovely on V Day, you sort of have too, just make sure you do something for her throughout the year as well. I mean really, V Day is a trap. You could be the best boyfriend/husband in the world but if you don’t do anything on V Day you’re screwed, kind of ridiculous if you ask me. Now that I think of it, writing a Valentine’s Day blog as the guy’s guy seems kind of unoriginal. So with that, I’m gonna keep it short.

Unoriginal Valentine’s Day Tips for Guys:

1. Schedule your date during V Day week, not on V Day… Bonus, you’ll get a better reservation because all the unoriginal dudes will be bombarding the good restaurants on V Day.

2. Make your girl din din… Hell, I can’t cook either but this went over pretty well when I did it… Boom!

3. Don’t buy roses, buy something else, some cool type of flower… Shit I don’t know what they’re called man, just go to a florist and if it looks F’ing cool, buy that shit! Well, freaks, go get laid! As always, I’m Trevor Anthony, a guy’s guy.

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