Unique Activities to Try While Pregnant


Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful times in any woman’s life. It’s the start of a whole new chapter! While it’s a magical time, it’s also one of transition. Most of that transition is exciting (it’s literally life-changing); however, it’s also a physical transition for your body that might feel uncomfortable and unfamiliar. 

As a pregnant woman, you’ll be all too familiar with the challenges of moving around, fitting into certain clothes, and how tiring it is just to get in and out of the car. You need to cheer yourself up with exciting activities that will make you feel happy, confident, and beautiful. For example, when was the last time you got your nails done? Taking a few moments to give yourself some “me time” takes your mind off of the physical discomfort of being pregnant for a while, and reminds you how exquisite and beautiful you truly are.

Consider this list of unique activities for pregnant women, and remember that it’s always important to treat yourself!

Indulge in a Maternity Henna Belly Blessing

Henna is a dye prepared from various plants and herbs and has been used for thousands of years, originally from India. Historically, henna tattoos were symbolic of marriage blessings and good wishes. Henna is a temporary tattoo format; so many people enjoy the practice over the permanence of ink tattoos. 

Many people get professional henna tattoos on their pregnant bellies as a way of celebrating and blessing the changes about to occur in the mother’s and baby’s lives. You can choose safe traditional Indian motifs of mandalas and floral designs, or you can create your own. If you like the idea of continuing your pregnancy with beautiful art to look at, directly on your body, find traditional henna artists in your town that can help you create something memorable. 

The henna art will eventually wear off completely, but it’s an excellent way to welcome your baby into the world.

Get a Beautiful Boudoir Photo Shoot  

Accentuate your feminine beauty with a boudoir photographer who specializes in maternity photography. If you’ve been feeling a little bit down because of your body’s transformation, a photo shoot might be precisely what you need to lift your spirits. Depending on your comfort level, you can dress in elegant, sexual clothing to heighten your self-confidence. The right photographer will work with you to help you feel radiant and your absolute best.

A maternity photo shoot doesn’t merely boost your confidence by showing your natural beauty; it also offers a physical memory to cherish for the rest of you and your child’s lives. The bond between mother and child is unlike anything else in this world. A photo that celebrates that bond — particularly when you’re feeling and looking incredible — is a special gift like no other. 

A Spa Day

If a monthly spa day isn’t in your schedule, make that a priority! Even just a simple back massage can do wonders for you right now. 

This is an extraordinary yet challenging time in your life. Take some time for yourself by feeling beautiful and trying out new things for expecting mothers.

Cassie Brewer
Cassie is a women's health and beauty writer who enjoys writing for all ages. She aspires to open her own beauty boutique in Italy one day, and hopes you enjoy this article!

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