Types of L.A. Men (article series)- Because Stereotypes Exist for a Reason- Type #4: The O.C. aka “Brah”



The O.C., brah!  (For you non-SoCal natives, that would be Orange County.)  He’s at the beach, he’s at the skate park, he’s at the outdoor mall.  He might even hail from San Diego.


Distinguishing Characteristics:

There is sort of a frat boy – surfer hybrid thing happening here.  He is basically Matthew McConnaughey.  He has shaggy hair, long or short – lots of “natural” highlights from the sun…I’m sure he never uses Sun-In or anything.  He is very tan, ranging from a golden brown to a sort of weird, unpleasant burnt toast color.  As he gets older, this will look worse and worse.  At least 80% of his apparel is Hurley, Vans, Ripcurl or Roxy.  He is usually thin to very fit and lean because he is always outside doing something active.  He is pretty concerned with his appearance, too – he’s shirtless too much not to be.  You will not catch them in much else but board shorts, cargo shorts, Ts or tanks, and flip-flops.  The douchiest of them wear Oakleys…the rest wear Ray-Bans.


His speech is the male equivalent to a Valley girl.  Many of these dudes simply never…leave…the O.C.  He is perfectly content in his whitewashed, beachy, and beautiful little bubble.


Red Flags:

The ultimate man-boy, he just wants to chillax and hang at the beach all day.  He will probably dress like a teenager his whole life.  He is all about having fun, not so much into responsibility and such.  He can be great to hang and do outdoorsy things with, but he might balk at anything more committal.  He is overly laid-back to the point of passivity.


How to Handle Him: 

You have to be pretty chill and not clingy or needy.  If you are into codependent relationships, this guy is not.  For.  You.  If you have the same sort of interests and lifestyle that he does, things will work out much better.  He is looking for a babe to be by his side through all his outside activities – someone who is up for anything!

Signature Lines:

“Damn brah, the surf today is epic!”

“I have to wear shoes?  I don’t own any shoes.  I can’t wear my flips to a wedding?  It’s not at the beach?  Wtf…”

“Look, there’s nothing wrong with being 35 and skating everywhere, okay?”

“Can’t hang, brah, total bummer.  Got a sesh at the skate park, gonna be rad!”

“Yo, babe, you got time to gimme a lift to the crib?  My bike sprung a flat…”

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  1. Great article, I have been to Orange Country or the “Orange Curtain” as it is known, a lot recently for work and what you wrote is really funny. You get used to use of the word “Brah” as a pronoun, a noun, or an adjective after a while. Yes, somewhere a high school english teacher is scratching his or her head. To Orange County’s credit, they don’t have the smog problem we in Los Angeles. I have just learned to make my peace with natives in the O.C., they have grown on me after a while.

  2. Amy says:

    Yeah, Ryan Lochte is the total O.C. Brah personified except he’s not even from there! Jeah! P.S. Love the picture Stef!

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