The Golden Ratio Φ = 1.61833


Ladies, have you ever looked at a man you found attractive and thought, “Wow, the spacing between his eyes is perfect”? … Or maybe, “It’s so sexy how his left bicep is the exact size and shape of his right”! Well, maybe you don’t consciously recognize these thoughts, but subconsciously these thoughts are what draws your eyes to them in the first place.

During conception, cells are being split very carefully to design our features. If the cells were to split equally every time, our right side would be an exact replica of our left; in other words, a mirror image. Though this would be decidedly “perfect,” there are mutations that prevent it, and so therefore, we are different from every angle. Studies around the world have shown that both males and females with more “symmetrical” faces and bodies tend to not only be more attractive, but also more fertile.

As a young woman living in L.A. I almost feel forced to compare myself to other women on a regular basis. I so often find myself wondering what makes HER more beautiful than myself or the next woman. Strangely enough, it is her level of oestradiol that gives her those spectacular cat eyes, and lip pout. In men, of course, it’s his level of testosterone. So, the next time you look longingly at your mans protruding jawline, or thrusting hip bones, measure him up. Find what it is about him you love most, then see whether or not it’s symmetrical; I bet you’ll find that it is.

The Golden Ratio Φ = 1.61833


Alexis Poole
Alexis Poole is just another 23 year old girl braving an existential, quarter-life crisis in L.A. She finds it to be vapid at times, but mostly humbling. To stay inspired she usually cooks vegan food for her dashing fiance, or giggles at the Real Housewives' inability to form complete sentences.

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  1. (Tongue and cheek humor here) I got a funky feeling none of my cells split evenly. I know I also have a couple of extra chromosomes floating around. DNA is funny thing, you just never know. 🙂

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