The Art of Wooing


The Art of Wooing

I can’t even remember the last time I went on a “real” date.  You know the kind of date, where the guy picks you up and you actually do more than just have coffee or a few drinks together. After several bad dates lately, I started asking myself where the wooing has disappeared to.

I remember three or four years ago being setup by a couple of my friends.  My date and I lived on opposite sides of Los Angeles, but that still didn’t stop him from insisting on picking me up to go to a restaurant in his neighborhood.  When my date showed up at my door, yes he came out of his car and actually walked up to my door, he was wearing a button down shirt and a hot black leather jacket. It was nice to see that homeboy had put some thought into his outfit.  He even planned where we would be going to grab dinner, a cute German Dog and Beer place downtown, perfect for a first date. After going out on a few more dates we didn’t work out but I always appreciated the effort he put into our dates.

My first dates this past year have definitely lacked effort or “wooing.”  I’ve had everything from my date having four whiskey drinks on a Monday night, I stopped at two. To another date showing up in a baggie shirt and running sneakers. To my personal favorite date where my date ordered dinner and drinks (I had already eaten before the date since we were just grabbing drinks and expected me to still split the bill down the middle with him.  Each date left me wanting to yell “EXCUSE ME I NEED TO BE WOOED!”

Since it’s pretty clear some of you need some tips on how to practice the art of wooing I’m going to let you in on some top secret information. Wooing isn’t hard or expensive. In fact it’s pretty easy to start incorporating some of these woo methods into your everyday life. Come on….. don’t be scared. What do you have to lose?

8 Tips on Wooing

  1. Be confident. Take a risk and ask someone out. What’s the worst that can happen? They say no?
  2. Put thought into your first date. Don’t wait until that very same evening to decide where and when you are meeting.
  3. Ask questions. Get to know someone.
  4. Dress to impress. Even Target has cute stuff. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to look like you put thought into your outfit.
  5. Live in the moment. Take a chance on someone even if you don’t feel a spark right away. The spark could end up flying on date two and you would miss out by not asking them out again.
  6. Don’t wait three or four days before calling or texting. Have confidence and call or text if you are interested in another date.
  7. On your date, put your phone away. Jobs are twenty four hours a day now. Take a break for that special someone.
  8. Show that chivalry isn’t dead. Opening a door or sharing your coat when it’s cold outside goes a long way.


Happy wooing……

Born and raised in Buffalo, NY, Tanya knew from a young age she wanted to live in California. After graduating college, Tanya worked hard to save up enough money to move cross country. She now spends her days working in Financial Planning and her evenings cooking up a storm for her Instagram page Cheesylagirl. Tanya’s many talents include having a keen sense for spotting the most random celebrities and cooking macaroni and cheese from scratch. She’s excited to be a part of the Dirty and Thirty blogging community and hopes to marry Adam Driver one day.

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