Taking Yourself Out This Valentine’s Day


Taking Yourself Out This Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day is a day full of love, couples, and cheesy things. It’s a day for date nights, flowers being sent to offices, and cute posts on social media. However, it doesn’t have to be a day for couples; it can be a day for yourself. Instead of spending the day rolling your eyes and pretending Valentine’s Day doesn’t exist (you can do those things too, if you want), consider making Valentine’s Day a day to take yourself out. You can go where the couples won’t be, take a vacation, find ways to treat yourself, have a singles party, or just get some things done. Sure, it’s traditionally a day for couples, but if you aren’t part of a couple, you can make Valentine’s Day into a you day. Rules are meant to be broken, and you deserve a day to celebrate loving yourself anyway.

Go Where the Couples Aren’t 

It’s Valentine’s Day, the couples will be at restaurants, movie theaters, shows, museums, wine tastings, ice rinks … maybe steer clear of any hot air balloons, too. Instead, go where the couples wont be. Go skiing, go read in a bookstore, take yourself on a drive, get a massage, go shopping, adopt 100 dogs … Find something you really want to do, and go do that. If that something is a thing that can be a popular date night destination, find a way to do it anyway. Order takeout from a restaurant you really want to go to and eat in on the couch while watching Netflix. Go to a Redbox instead of the movie theater, drink wine at home, or … look at pictures of hot air balloons. There are a ton of great places to go on your own that won’t include a lot of couples if you get creative with your thinking.

Take Yourself on a Vacation

Some might find it odd to take a vacation on your own, but some would argue the exact opposite. You don’t have to fly to Hawaii (or do if you want to, that sounds awesome), you can just take a drive a few hours away to spend time with yourself. Find a nice hotel or a little bed and breakfast and spend the night or weekend waking up when you want to, eating where you want to eat, and seeing what you want to see. Maybe you can journal, bring your pet, or bring a friend if you find vacations with yourself a little weird. Airbnb has become a popular alternative to staying in a traditional hotel, so maybe you find a little home or apartment to stay in that will feel like home. Take an adventure with yourself and do something new, even if that something new is just going on vacation alone.

Treat Yo’ Self

Take yourself on a fun shopping trip on Valentine’s Day to celebrate how much you love yourself! Not many guys decide on a shopping spree as a gift to their ladies, so you should be clear of most couples and have the stores emptier than usual. And if you do spot a lady on a shopping spree gift, give her man a high-five because he is a treasure. You can grab yourself a pair of expensive workout pants, get your nails done, or find a couple of books to add to your 208 reading list. Get your hair done, get yourself some jewelry, or just treat yourself to some ice cream. Make this day a day for celebrating you by treating yourself to something you don’t get very often.

Singles Party

It’s Valentine’s Day, so gather up your single buddies and have a singles party! This might be a bunch of girls sitting in their pajamas around a box of pizza and wine or heading out on the town to have drinks and dance. Being single isn’t some sort of sign of failure or loneliness, it’s just a sign of not being in a relationship, which is not a crime. The formula for a successful relationship doesn’t always work out, and the ones that don’t probably aren’t working out for a reason. Celebrate the fact that you’re single and not in a bad relationship, celebrate the fact that you’re happy being alone if you’re not interested in a relationship, or have fun with your buds if this is a hard time of year for you. And if you are looking for a partner, chances are everyone you meet at a bar on Valentine’s Day is probably single as well.

Get Things Done

Well, this might not be as fun or glamorous as some of the other options, but it’s definitely a way to take yourself out for Valentine’s Day. Since a majority of people will be out with their love, you’ll be free to go get some errands and obligations taken care of. Pay some bills, go to the bank, or get some grocery shopping done. Think about the lack of lines and strangers and this plan starts to become a lot more tempting. Wander around Target, go to the gym, or take a workout class and you’ll be pleasantly surprised just how nice it is to get some things done while so many others are out of the way. No fighting over machines at the gym, no battling over the good spots at yoga, and no judgement while daydreaming in the decor aisle of Target. Pure. Bliss.

Valentine’s Day is traditionally a day where couples celebrate their love with a date night. However, just because you aren’t a part of a couple doesn’t mean you can’t find a way to take yourself out as well. Find a place to go that won’t be overrun with couples, head out on a fun vacation, treat yourself to something nice, celebrate being single, or go get some errands done while everyone else is having date night. Actually, even a hot air balloon ride would be a fun experience on your own. Plus, there probably won’t be any couples crammed in that little basket with you.


Guest Post by Chelsy Ranard 

Follower her on Twitter: @Chelsy5


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