The Secret to Falling in Love this Valentine’s Day: Self-Love


Valentine’s day is around the corner and weather you’re single or taken it really doesn’t matter. Valentine’s day can and should be for everyone. Why? Because loving yourself first is the key to happiness and the main ingredient in most healthy relationships.
What if I told you that if you don’t choose self-love first, before you choose a Valentine, life partner, date, or hook up (Just kidding on that last one. Kind of.), you have to love yourself before anyone on the outside can help make you feel fulfilled. For those of you who read my last post How I Fell in Love (With Myself) in 30 Days, you’ll know that around this time last year I embarked on my amazing journey of finding self-love and it changed all of 2014 for me – for the better.

It completely inspired me to kick ass and take names. Now, I found the power in myself to launch an app AND a book (who knew I had it in me!?). Self-love was my motivation.

Now I’m here again to help – around the biggest love day of the year. Here are four ways to fall in love with yourself to ensure this Valentine’s Day doesn’t leave you feeling lost, alone or empty:
First, record, starting today. Record yourself with any device you have at your fingertips. Whether it’s a phone, computer or the #30DaysSelfLove app. Make sure you are in a quiet, safe place and that you do it everyday for at least 30 days. This doesn’t require much except you, your recording device and your commitment to discovering or enhancing the many amazing qualities you possess. Talk about how good it feels each day you stuck to your guns and did something to keep you on track for your resolution. Don’t forget to thank yourself and say I love you. It will help increase the positive vibes around you – which will in turn make you more attractive to those around you.

Second, you can read inspirational stories about people sticking to their goals through reading inspirational biographies or even reading my book, Wake up and Choose You to help keep you motivated. My book consists of a compilation of inspiring people’s mini memoirs and how 30 Days Self Love helped them. Inspiration means motivation. Read and stay inspired to stay on track.

Third, keep a good friend around you while you’re falling in love with yourself. A good friend can hold you accountable and help you maintain a positive outlook. A truly good friend will may even jump in the deep end of the self-love pool with you, just to keep you going. My girlfriends are my biggest supporters and love me for who I am. Their motivating words and encouragement definitely help me love myself a lot more.

Lastly, write love letters to yourself. Who says you have to wait for someone to write sweet nothings to you to make you feel good? Again, whether you have a Valentine this year or not, be your own Valentine first. A letter a day can keep the blues away. It can also just be a great way to release and write positive affirmations to yourself like “you’re amazing,” you’re perfect just the way you are,” and “so what if the dude you’ve been eying is ignoring you. He’s totally missing out.”
You’ll find that if you can commit to loving yourself, you will enjoy this month of love – and beyond. You’ll be able to get through Valentine’s Day more fulfilled than ever. And, at this point, you would just be enhancing your life, so why not. “You have to love yourself first before someone else can love you.” Start with you, and everything else will fall into place.

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Guest Blog By Sarah Karges


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