Relationship Feeling Tired? Reignite The Spark With These Spicy Tips!


Did you know that the average length of time a marriage lasts in the US before it ends in divorce is around eight years? And the average length of time unmarried couples last together can often be a lot shorter than that. So, why is it that some relationships don’t stand the test of time?


More often than not it is because some people find it hard to adjust to being in a couple once the honeymoon phase of their relationship ends. After the honeymoon phase, most people find that the excitement that often comes with being in a new relationship is no more, and they can also often find that arguments and bickering starts to occur more often now that both individuals are more comfortable around each other. Unfortunately, though, this often means that the spark can be lost around this time, and it doesn’t take much longer for the relationship to fizzle out.


Do you think that the spark in your relationship is about to go out? If so, don’t start to panic just yet. There is plenty that you can do to add a bit more fire to your relationship. These next few tips should help you with that!



Just Say “I Love You”


Do you remember when the last time you said “I love you” to each other was? If you can’t even remember, then it’s worth saying these three little words again. Just saying them out loud will help to reassure you that you do actually love your partner. Plus, they will really appreciate hearing them and knowing that you are in love with you. I’m sure they will reciprocate and say those words back, which will be good for you as well. If you want to make a bigger gesture when you tell them that you love them, you might want to use one of these best love quotes that say “I love you” so that you can show just how deep your affections for them are.


Enjoy A Weekend Away


All of the regular stresses that we experience in everyday life can build up and have a negative effect on our love life. For instance, if you come home from work every day completely exhausted, you won’t really be in the mood to snuggle up with your partner and enjoy some cuddles! Do you and your partner feel like you could both do with recharging your batteries? If so, it’s worth booking a weekend away. If you have kids, you might want to leave these at their grandparents so that you can enjoy some romantic one-on-one time without any disturbances!


Mix Things Up In The Bedroom


Do you feel like things are slightly lacking in the bedroom department? Don’t worry; you certainly aren’t alone. In fact, most couples will go through periods of not much action in the bedroom. Again, this is something that can be affected by stress and how tired you both are at the end of the day. There is one way to ignite your bedroom spark, though – you just need to mix things up a bit. So, for example, why not try a few new positions? You might find your new favorite one, and a few others that are guaranteed to give both of you amazing orgasms. Don’t forget that there are other things you can bring into the bedroom that can add to the excitement too. How about doing some role play or using a few new sex toys?


Start Dating Again


Don’t worry; I’m not suggesting that the two of you need to open up your relationship and start dating other people! I just mean you should go back to the dating stage of your relationship and enjoy a few dates. As relationships progress, dating is often forgotten about, especially once couples move in together and start to have a family. They may get too busy to even think about planning regular dates. However, organizing one date night a week or a month can help you enjoy each other’s company again and it will bring a lot more romance back into your relationship, that’s for sure!


Always Be Honest


This might not be the most sensual or romantic point in this list, but it is actually a really good way of finding the spark again – you both just need to be completely open and honest with each other at all times. Being honest, though, means that nothing will ever come back to haunt you or bite you on the behind when you are least expecting it. You can each help one another work through life’s problems and, as a result, will come out the other end a hell of a lot stronger!


Work On Your Friendships


Did you know that working on your friendships and relationships with other family members can have a positive impact on your romantic relationship? It might sound a bit odd, but it is totally true! That’s because it will help you create a healthy social life and you will have plenty of people to go out with other than your partner. If you are mainly socializing with your partner, you might find it quite suffocating, and that could slowly drain all the romance out of your relationship. So, make sure you have a wide circle of friends so you always have someone to hang out with whenever you and your partner need to spend some quality time alone.


Add Some Mystery

You will also find that trying to maintain an air of mystery in your relationship can also help you reignite the spark between the two of you. After all, once you start living together, all mystery will be gone. Thankfully, it’s easy to inject some more into the relationship. For instance, rather than getting ready for your dates together, why not get ready separately and turn up on your own? That way, your partner won’t see exactly what gorgeous dress you are wearing until you both get to the restaurant!


There’s plenty of ways to add more spice to your relationship!


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