Packing For Your Wedding Night- 6 Things You Must Include


Your wedding day is without a doubt one of the most important days of your life. Preparations for this day last for months. But what about your wedding night? You may not have as much time to plan and pack for it. However, you shouldn’t allow the lack of time and stress ruin the most magical night of your life. You will probably remember to bring some attractive lingerie and a lovely perfume, but you will need more things.

That is why we bring you six essentials you must take into account when packing the suitcase for your wedding night:

Skincare products


After a few hectic months of preparations and a romantic, but a crazy fun wedding day, you will certainly feel happy and tired. That is why you need to pamper yourself a bit. After removing your makeup and cleansing your face, make sure to apply a nice, hydrating serum. Another treatment that will make you feel relaxed is a refreshing eye mask. Make sure to pack one extra mask for your partner, because he will definitely want to try out one.

Because the skincare products you get in the hotels may not be according to your taste, bring your most seductive-scented shower gel and body lotion with the same scent. For example, an all-time favorite, Chanel No. 5, is a choice you can’t go wrong with. After a nice shower, you will feel reenergized and ready put on your favorite lingerie.



This essential is truly one you mustn’t forget about. You should start considering what lingerie to bring for your wedding night at least a few days in advance. This is important because you want something that you will feel sexy, but also be comfortable in. If you are not comfortable, the whole setting you were going for will be ruined. Therefore, take the time to make your final decision. There are many wonderful online places where you can buy women’s underwear, in case you don’t have time to go shopping. A luxurious velvet and lace bra and briefs or an alluring and elegant sheer bra and a satin thong are just some of the options.

Another item that you should bring is a nice rope. Besides being great for lounging, a rope will make you more seductive, while leaving your partner to wait until your final outfit is fully disclosed. Some charming, yet cozy ropes can be easily found, like a classic black, high-quality Calvin Klein rope.



A hit of a sensual perfume on you should be recognized by your partner. Spray a bit of it on your neck and on your rope as well, because there isn’t a perfect wedding night without a memorable scent in the air around you. Sexy Black Opium or the seductive Hypnotic Poison are just some of the great options. If you have a few of favorite scents, knowing what the perfume trends for this year are may be helpful.

Massage oils


You cannot really have too many fine-scented and soothing oils during your wedding night. A massaging oil of choice will be perfect for a much-needed foot massage after a whole day spent dancing in high heels. A nice massage can be a sweet and thoughtful wedding day gift from your husband. In addition, you can set up a romantic atmosphere by helping your partner get his neck and shoulders loose after a fun, but long day. Both of you should be completely carefree and disconnected from the outside world so you can have all your senses aroused and prepared for a night made just out of love.



Although food may not be the first thing that comes to your mind when thinking about your wedding night, when that night actually comes, you will be quite happy that you thought of it in advance. A wedding day full of joy most likely didn’t leave much time for you and your partner to have a more than a few bites of food, so when everything is over, the two of you will be quite hungry. Therefore, packing a few aphrodisiac snacks is an absolute must.  Chocolate is just one great snack option that you can bring with you to the destination of your wedding night. As for other sexy foods, such as strawberries and truffles, simply ask the hotel staff to get them delivered to your hotel room.



Can a proper amorous mood be set without the music that sparks passion?  You guessed it right – it can’t, so make sure to include the right choice of music when packing for that most special night. Of course, music won’t be a part of your suitcase, but do make a playlist on your phone. You can use apps such as Spotify that will serve as an online record player for that romantic night. Include your favorite love-filled and seductive songs.

Finally, remember to let yourself relish every single moment of your wedding night because it is such a unique time for you and your loved one. Adore one another and embrace the beauty of your love.

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