So Not Dinner: Creative Date Ideas You’d Never Have Thought Of


So Not Dinner: Creative Date Ideas You’d Never Have Thought Of. When you first begin dating, the novelty of going out for dinner and drinks or perhaps to a movie with a nice guy or girl is great. It’s easy to have a lot of fun because it’s all new to you, but after a while, the situation gets a bit same-y and the spark fizzles out. If you’re in that situation and you want to get the spark back, here are a few quirky and creative ideas to ensure every date night goes with a bang…

Get Locked into An Escape Room

What could be more romantic than…um getting locked into a small room with the one you love for 60 minutes? Actually, escape rooms are a lot of fun and they’re certainly different to the average dinner date. In case you didn’t know already, an escape room is an activity-based theme room where you and anyone who you get locked in with are tasked with solving clues to open the doors. Themes vary from being the victims in a horror movie scenario to being spies at a casino, so it’s pretty easy to find something that suits and it can be a lot of fun, Just try not to get too competitive with your spouse or the whole evening could end in one big argument. Oh, and don’t worry if you can’t find your way out in 60 minutes, you won’t be locked in there forever!

Tour a Brewery


Instead of going to a cocktail bar or restaurant, why not shake things up a little by touring a local microbrewery? You’ll get to sample lots of delicious beers and find out a little more about the brewing process, which will pretty much guarantee that you have at least one good topic of conversation for the evening.

Go on a Photobooth Hunt

Photobooths used to be everywhere and loved up couples all over the country would regularly step into them to take all manner of cute, and sometimes quite raunchy pictures together. They are a lot less common now that we all have mobile phones, digital cameras and printers of our own, but they do exist, and if you’re looking for a really unusual date night idea, making it your mission to find as many of them and to strike as many different poses together as you can is an excellent idea.


Instead of making date night all about the two of you, why not volunteer for a cause you both care about, putting your free time to good use while having a great time together. Whether you volunteer to walk shelter dogs, serve soup at the local kitchen or clean up the local park, stopping to have a picnic and stare at the stars along the way, it’s one date night that you won’t regret going on.

Date nights can get pretty stale pretty fast, but if you incorporate any of these ideas into your usual routine, you’ll shake things up and reignite those passions again, albeit in a slightly unusual way sometimes! Have fun.

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