Non-Cheesy Valentine’s Day Gift Guide


Don’t get us wrong, we love a good romance! However, Valentine’s Day can often be a bit cheesy—more about chocolate and flowers than anything else. So this year, stray away from the safe old path and try surprising your significant other with something that will really blow their mind. If you want your Valentine to see hearts, here’s what to get them.

Music accessories

If your SO lives for the bass and treble, why not get them something that will make their music listening experience even better. For instance, grab a new set of headphones that will make music follow her wherever she goes. Or, get your guy a practical, portable Bluetooth speaker that’s perfect for all occasions from camping to working out and organizing a dance party for two. Every time they blast their fave tunes, they will not be able to help themselves but think of you!

Sun protection

Okay, the winter might still not be behind us, but soon the sun will creep out and shower us all with its piercing rays. So, if you want to keep your Valentine safe, sound and comfy when spending time outdoors, why not give her a cute pair of sunglasses? You can even grab a matching pair for yourself and you will look like the coolest couple on the block! A stylish baseball cap can never go wrong, so pick your partner’s favorite brand and color and give him this practical yet stylish accessory perfect for upcoming warm weather.

Fitness gear

Fitness freaks can never have too many workout gadgets and gear. So, why not get your girlfriend the latest Fitbit that will help her monitor her heart rate and count steps. This bad boy is also equipped with GPS, sleep tracking devices and even monitored breathing sessions, so she can really keep track of every aspect of her health and fitness. Or, you can surprise your gym-obsessed boyfriend with a new and practical gym bag that will fit all his workout necessities from trainers and clean socks to water bottles and protein snacks.

Sports memorabilia

Buying gifts for sports fans can be super fun, even if you don’t know the first thing about their interest. For instance, you can opt for jersey framing and surprise your boo with a framed jersey of their favorite athlete. If you want to make the gift more personal, steal their old jersey from high school, have it mended and framed, so it can always remind them of their athlete days. It will be a perfect addition to their living room, game room or den. And if you throw in two tickets for a game as well, you will be their Valentine forever!

Foodie gadgets  

Having a food-crazy Valentine is the best—you never have to worry about staying hungry or eating bland dinners. But, if you want to boost your boyfriend’s grilling skills even more, provide him with a practical BBQ thermometer for perfect grilled steaks every time. Or if he’s a clean-freak, grab a pro grill brush that will make boring grill cleaning sessions quick and easy. On the other hand, if your girlfriend loves to bake but never seems to nail the decoration, surprise her with a cake decorating set that will allow her to whip out those colorful cupcakes, cute cookies and breathtaking cakes.

Business attire accessories

If you have a big-shot lawyer or a busy investor in your life, you can make their boring businesses attire a bit more fun in a subtle and professional way. For instance, make your guy even more dashing when he suits up by providing him with a pair of cool cufflinks and a new tie (tiny heart pattern is a subtle nod to Valentine’s Day). Or, make your wonder woman girlfriend look breathtaking during her next business presentation with a stylish watch that will serve both a practical and aesthetic purpose.

Subscription box membership

If you want to surprise your Valentine on the day, but also keep surprising them every following month, buy a subscription box membership for them and watch as they beam up every time a new box arrives. Today there are subscription boxes for everything from tasty wines and international snacks to new book editions and superhero collectables. So, pick something you know your loved one will like and make Valentine’s Day happen every month!

Stuffed animals with a twist

Is it even Valentine’s Day if someone doesn’t receive a fluffy stuffed animal? Well, you don’t have to break that cute tradition, just make it a bit more fun with a personalized stuffed companion. You can surprise your SO with everything from exact replicas of their beloved pet to their favorite animal or cartoon character. You can even get a selfie plush doll of yourself, which is a perfect gift for distance relationships.

Chocolate, flowers and cards aren’t your only Valentine’s Day fits. With these fun ideas, you will blow your bae’s mind and make them fall for you even harder!  

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